Save Time And Money Over Time

Living well today means getting out and exploring, feeling great, living lighter and being mobile. The new success is experiencing life more and with less stuff holding you back.

Today, Treatmo launches a loyalty rewards program to help you save time, save money over time, and live better. Through a curated marketplace of new food entrepreneurs and innovators in the restaurant and food industry, Treatmo makes healthy, delicious and real food more accessible and easier to find.

Whether at home or on the road, finding great food that fits your diet and lifestyle should be easy. But we know it's often difficult and that search engines fall short of putting great, local food within grasp.

Treatmo helps you find what you're looking for through a real time news feed of purchases made by friends in the app from across the U.S., intelligent search, favorites and a dynamic mobile storefront for each business.

Through the app, quickly learn about a store or restaurant and pay in a few taps, then circle back to the app to chat. Treatmo creates convenience. With Treatmo, it's easier to track spending through purchases, not only to manage a budget, but to manage diet and eating habits. Plus repeat purchases are a click away. 

The Treatmo Marketplace of local, organic, sustainable and natural food provides choices that include simpler, more honest ingredients. Know exactly what you're eating and learn from purchases your friends make through photos and chat. 

With our latest launch enjoy rewards for purchases. Tap the L to learn about each store, restaurant or cafe's reward program, see the points in the menu, check out and track your rewards on your Loyalty Page! Even better, earn more points for treating friends.When you hit the total value for receiving a free treat, you'll get a notification and voucher to redeem whenever you want.

Treatmo today launches a faster checkout for shipping/delivery to support the growing number of businesses that ship and delivery in the Treatmo Marketplace. Learn about ways you can get the food you want through the mobile storefront of each business, whether that's pickup at the local market or by placing a shipping order. Save time and money by getting what you want at the local market and paying or preordering through Treatmo, or choose to ship instead.

From soft to low to no environmental impact, the Treatmo Mobile Marketplace aims to place kinder, better, more natural food and beverage within reach wherever you go. 

Start discovering, eating and treating the new food! 

Simple pay, share and go.

See how it works.

Stay tuned for our fall 2016 update on the way. Simply easier food access.