Treatmo Hotspots Discover New Value

Restaurants, cafes, juice bars, bakeries and small food and beverage businesses are discovering new value in using Treatmo as a mobile ordering and payment solution. As customers rely on mobile phones to discover food and to handle daily activities, food establishments seek efficient ways to connect with them on their phones and provide convenient and smooth interactions with their businesses. 

Treatmo's clean and informative mobile storefront allows for efficient and clear communication of essential business details and differentiators to help customers make better and faster decisions. 

The value of opening a mobile storefront goes beyond an emerging trend to improving business to consumer interactions for improved experiences on both levels.

Treatmo check-out is faster than cash or credit card. When a customer enters the store and shows the Treatmo voucher on their phone, it takes two quick taps to validate it through a web-based browser. It's faster than waiting for a customer to find cash and count out the amount and return change. It's also faster than swiping a credit card, handing over a paper receipt or waiting for a signature. When the customer manages the checkout and the cashier simply validates the transaction lines move faster and prep starts sooner.

Treatmo loyalty programs are hands-free. Once a merchant activates the loyalty program in their Treatmo Portal, it runs automatically. Loyalty points are added to the checkout at the time of purchase and rewards are issued just like any other Treatmo voucher. It's a simple program that runs in the background and requires no extra effort at checkout in the store. And for online fulfillment, the digital loyalty operates in the same way as in a physical store.

Merchants can add promo codes instantly. Running a promotion is simplified on Treatmo. Merchants announce the promotion with the code, set the dates, and users add the code at checkout. Codes can be activated or deactivated when convenient. By encouraging sales with the promo code, merchants benefit from all of the other features of Treatmo as well.

Treatmo shopping cart is versatile and efficient. Customers have full control at check out. They can edit orders swiftly and easily before purchase and not get lost in the app. Instead of many online checkouts where it's difficult to go back and add items, Treatmo is seamless and never loses the customer in the process of changes or additions. A powerful shopping cart solution means less dropped orders and more business.

Treatmo creates instant and constant digital content for businesses. When a purchase is made through Treatmo, a post is generated instantly on the customer newsfeed, called the Treat Feed. All of a users friends see the post and awareness for a merchants menu items is expanded. Merchant can even interact on the Treat Feed and engage with customers during and after checkout - all of which fuels future sales.

Discover how Treatmo can help your business. Opening a store takes 15 minutes -- from registration to adding menu items and photos -- and time is more than recovered by the convenience and value created for customers and employees each day. Contact us.