Grab A Jetpack And Treatmo

With technology it's becoming more and more possible to skip through a day without ever hitting an ATM or worrying about where you put your wallet. And with technology we are becoming more in control of our money from banking to eating, and it feels good to be in charge. 

Mobility is liberating. It's not being tied to convention or slowed down by old methods. A jetpack gives you instant lift off. A payments app like Treatmo, gives you freedom from the wallet.

Through Treatmo iOS mobile payments app, users are in control of food they order for friends or themselves in a few taps. Upon completing a transaction, the app generates a code which is shared with the restaurant or by email or text to complete the order. 

Treatmo's Treat Feed pushes each order to a user's network in the app to show the items enjoyed and enable other users to replicate the order. The live stream of treats powers discovery of awesome food and places that might otherwise be missed on search sites. The stream simultaneously makes tracking back to purchases easy and treating friends even easier. 

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For the innovative food businesses that are Treatmo Hotspots, Treatmo enables a quick launch into the mobile payments world for accepting payments by phone at pop ups, for delivery or shipping or dining in location with no extra effort or training. With the upcoming 1.6 release, Treatmo will give businesses the opportunity to offer digital loyalty and a shipping solution to make it even easier for customers to benefit from healthy, local and sustainable food wherever they go.

Plus Treatmo's customizable mobile storefront further gives businesses the opportunity to share their offerings with more clarity and transparency, taking the guesswork out of understanding the what and where of a business so often unclear on social networking sites.

Treatmo makes the world your marketplace -- from restaurants to pop ups and online stores -- and puts it in your pocket. When you use Treatmo you become the driver of your food life making decisions in advance, paying ahead of time, tracking food orders and controlling your budget. Through the social matrix you also choose which aspects to share with friends or keep to yourself, while managing your eating behavior through the app for easier decision making, future orders and gifting.

Here are five ways Treatmo creates convenience.

1. Pay in Location

While standing on line to order food at the counter whether for take-out or dining in, your phone is already handy. Treatmo skips over the wallet and credit card and puts menus in your hand to order and a voucher to share instead of passing over a card or cash. Or after you're seated at your table tell your server you have a Treatmo and share the code to skip the bill. 

2. Pay before You Arrive

Take control of your spending and credit card. Select what and where you want to eat and pay for it in advance before you go. Whether at the office, at the gym, or relaxing at home, you're in the driver's seat and control what you eat and what you spend with Treatmo. Schedule food a week or a few days or hours in advance and be the master of your domain. When you show up to the cafe or juice bar or pop up, show your voucher and you're good to go.

3. Pay for a Friend

Add friends on Treatmo and treat them in the app or by email. Treatmo is social. The fun is sharing food with friends and powering discovery of new food. Have a juice you love and know someone who might love it too -- order it for them. When you buy for a friend, they receive the Treatmo voucher to use whenever they want. Hint: With our 1.6 release, earn extra points for treating friends (at participating businesses).

4. Pay and Ship

Treatmo is a marketplace for small food businesses crafting amazing things with heart and exceptional ingredients. Order chocolate from Vermont shipped to your door or nondairy milk delivered to you on the Upper East Side of New York. Treatmo takes the hassle out of finding real food whether nearby or across the country.

5. Pay Before You Travel

Visiting New York City for business or vacation, schedule food stops before you even hop on the plane. Treatmo's curated marketplace of Hotspots allows easy and fast access to great food and the opportunity for your friends to discover food through you. Treatmo puts fresh almond milk, chocolate and healthy food at your fingertips. 

Want to discover more than what you see in the Treat Feed? Use Treatmo's intelligent search to find what you're looking for whether it's gluten free, vegan or paleo.

Treatmo is a frictionless way to eat. Easy discovery and simple pay gives you the power to make each day great, for yourself and your friends. Treatmo is the new food!