A Valentine's Day Weekend in Dallas

When it comes to Valentine's Day weekend, it's always a rush. You find yourself planning a list of things to do and places to visit together, and it gets a little crazy with all of the options. The best way to approach it is to keep it simple. Focus on each other. Let the surroundings shape the experience and don't stress. 

February 14th may be a big day on the calendar for relationships. But it's important to remember that this is a day to show appreciation more than anything. When we're busy with work or school during the year, expressing meaningful gratitude sometimes gets overlooked. Take the weekend to catch up for real and share fun experiences together as opposed to expensive gifts.

If you're in Dallas or visiting Dallas from the cold northeast, indulge in these activities to ensure you have a memorable time together.

1) Visit the Dallas Farmer's Market. Stock Up On Treats.

Nothing says I love you like food. So why spend it all on a big dinner where you're stuck at a table for up to three hours and then fussing with a bil. Get out and enjoy delicious treats, then bring home the rest to taste together all weekend.

The best spot for that? The Dallas Farmers Market. Speaking from experience, this is a destination where you can easily stock up on innovative, healthy and fun food. 


As a Treatmo Hotspot, Boom Juice is our pick. The best part is you can pay in advance  on Treatmo so you never have to actually take out your wallet and fuss with your card or cash, which means more time to focus on your date. Plus nothing puts you in a better place than food that tastes awesome and makes you feel good. 

Order it and treat it on Treatmo even if your Valentine is in Dallas but you aren't. You can still enjoy food together through the post-purchase chat. Be sure to call with special orders or delivery right from the app.

2)  Hit the trail 

Exercise is fun, but it's more fun if there's more than one. Hit the Katy Trail for a walk or run. Take your snacks with you to enjoy along the route. Fresh air and the outdoors brings people closer together.


3) relax poolside

After you've been outside most of the day, it's fun to chill by the pool before sunset. Or start your day by the pool and hit the trail later. Either way, it's focused time to get to know each other and make the time together meaningful. 

4) Play pool and people watch

Play an entertaining or mildly challenging game together. You don't have to be a master at it. You can even learn from each other. Or enjoy watching other's have their try. 

NYLO Hotels - South Side

NYLO Hotels - South Side

5) enjoy the views

Find a spot to kick back and enjoy a view. When you have a chance to look at the world through someone else's eyes, you can certainly learn a lot.