Plants As Fuel To Power Wall Street

The pressure is always on, winter or summer, from how well you perform at work, to how you manage stress and relationships inside and outside the office. Overall wellbeing and feelings of content start from the inside with what you eat to improve your ability to manage stress and stay healthy. 

Certain herbs and plants are known in some circles to actually to lift you or calm you depending on what your body needs. So, what are they? Adaptogens are healing plants and herbs said to strengthen the body's response to stress and fight fatigue and anxiety. For example, if you're overly stressed or fatigued or in a state of high anxiety, they help manage natural regulation of your adrenal fight/flight response to bring you back into normal state. 

Adaptogens have historically been ingested to assist with adrenal system regulation, or the body's hormonal response to stress, which when out of synch can lead to many health problems. These ancient herbs and plants include the familiar like ginseng, maca and reishi mushrooms to the exotic like shilajit and eleuthero. Adaptogens reach back to ancient Chinese, Tibetan and Ayurvedic medicine where plants were often (and still are) used to promote wellbeing. They have the power to induce calm when anxious and produce energy when tired, adapting to stress situations to support regulation of blood pressure and oxygen intake.

Innovative food businesses like LuliTonix (in SoHo and on Treatmo) put real food with ingredients that include adaptogens -- to boost your total wellness -- within reach through tasty concoctions. 

lulitonix adaptogen.jpg

The latest smoothie Sun Soup by LuliTonix, includes medicinal reishi. As an adaptogen, this cordycep regulates blood pressure, calms the nervous and strengthens the immune system. In combination with kelp, apple cider vinegar and nutritional yeast, this is a weapon against anxiety.

lulitonix sunsoup.jpg

Getting and staying well takes work in a fast-paced city like New York, where you can age before your years from the high demands on time and energy. But adaptogens lend a hand in reducing stressors that can to a weakened immune system, illness and premature aging.

LuliTonix blends help busy professionals achieve balance through smoothies delivering ingredients that complement diet and support daily nutrition. 

From downtown to uptown, these high fiber smoothie blends will keep you running -- physically and mentally -- at optimal levels. 

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