Too Much Sugar in Your Granola?

Locally Made Granola that Isn't Sweetened Like Dessert

You may have stopped eating granola because of the high sugar content in most supermarket brands. You’re not alone. While granola is supposed to be a healthy snack, many brands may contain just as much sugar as a candy bar.

With excess sugar being linked to chronic health conditions including diabetes, weight gain, even mental health, it’s no surprise that there may be more harm than good in those clusters of almonds and oats. Add to it ingredients such as palm oil, sodium, and corn syrup, and most granola and granola bars are best avoided.

A recent article in the NY Times found that many popular granola products contain as much as 30 grams of sugar which is similar to a serving of ice cream. Because of this, the USDA categorizes granola as a dessert and many dietitians acknowledge that granola is just junk food disguised as a wholesome snack.

Even so, Americans spent nearly $2 billion on granola in 2015 driven in part by the movement towards healthier eating. With so much confusion about what is healthy along with convincing marketing messages about the benefits of granola, those seeking alternatives to candy bars may overlook the detrimental nutrition facts listed for their favorite health foods.

For those who are more wary of the ingredients in the packaged foods they buy, there are low sugar granola options available. Hi-Fibar is a leader in the low sugar category with flavorful granola made of big clusters of almonds, pumpkin seed, sunflower seed kernels, and oats. The sugar content of a serving of their granola is only 2 grams compared to 30 grams of other brands noted by the NY Times!

Hi-FiBar Coconut Cranberry no sugar added granola on  Treatmo

Hi-FiBar Coconut Cranberry no sugar added granola on Treatmo

Because no sugar is added to the product, Hi-FiBar granola is diabetic friendly and helpful for those with blood sugar conditions. In fact, the founder of the company originally produced the bars for her diabetic mother who couldn’t find healthy snack options. In addition the granola has a very short ingredient list and contains good levels of protein and fiber.

Hi-FiBar no sugar added Smoked Paprika granola snack bar on  Treatmo

Hi-FiBar no sugar added Smoked Paprika granola snack bar on Treatmo

We often don’t expect healthy food to be loaded with ingredients that are associated with health risks, but to many who look closely over what’s inside the package, there's a lot to be concerned about. Luckily, innovative food makers have realized that there are ways to make packaged food healthier, especially granola, and Hi-Fibar is a great example!

You can order Hi-FiBar on Treatmo.  Download the app and enjoy better-for-you food in a tap.