Holiday Feast in Less Than An Hour and Delicious

I made Thanksgiving dinner in under an hour and it was fantastic.

The key to a great holiday feast is the flavor and texture. You can get there in under an hour with minimal effort, ingredients and cost. We turned to Treatmo to cook with organic and locally made food that complemented the items purchased at the grocery store. 

Warm colors, nourishing ingredients--yams, potatoes, cranberry and turkey--capture the feeling and comfort of a holiday plate. The plate I created did not include turkey (to save on cost), but it didn't matter. The plate still won, and I preferred it because there was less clean up without the meat. It was also less filling, but still 100% satisfying.

1) Gather your ingredients (serving size 3) and prep

2 big Yams, 2 big russet potatoes, a bag of brussels sprouts, fresh cranberries, and mushrooms (chanterelles, shiitaki, lion's mane--grab two handfuls of each at the grocery store. Check your local farmers market for lion's mane substitute or leave out) and one leak. Premade or purchased broth--we love Nourished Foods organic, grass fed and finished bone broth.

Use: Olive oil or butter or ghee (we used white truffle ghee from Nourished Foods), maple syrup, and salt (we used Pimente d'ville from Terre Botanicals which is a seasoned organic salt that kicks up the flavor).

Soak your brussels sprouts, mushrooms and cranberries in water and set aside.

2) Yams and potatoes

Remove skin and slice yams and potatoes into small pieces (cooks faster). Toss into separate pots. Add about 1 inch of the stem of a leek to your potatoes. Add a dash of salt (1/2 teaspoon)--Pimente d'ville has jurassic red salt and Basque red chile from Terre Botanicals--to potatoes and yams. 

Bring to a medium or low boil, cook until soft. (about 20 minutes or less). Empty into a strainer and set aside.

3) Prep the oven

Turn oven up to 350 degrees and move tray to upper position. Put two medium to large saute pans on the stove on medium heat, add two table spoons of olive oil to each.

4) Mushrooms, brussels sprouts and cranberries

Dump the water from the sprouts and cranberries and set aside.

Dump the water from the mushrooms and run water through again twice or more. Use your fingers to rub off dirt and a paring knife to cut off bad stems if needed. 

Remove the outside skin and tip of the stem of the sprouts with a small knife. 

5) Cooking the mushrooms and sprouts

Add a cup of broth to the mushroom saute pan and the brussels sprouts saute pan along with a tablespoon of ghee (Nourished Foods makes amazing ghee -- for delivery in Arizona and shipping nationwide) or plain butter. Toss in the cleaned sprouts and mushrooms. Sprinkle both with salt. Pour a half cup of maple syrup over the brussels sprouts. 

Let cook. Use a wooden spoon to combine and cover all vegetables with the base of olive oil, butter, and salt (maple syrup in brussels sprouts).

6) Whip the potatoes and yams

These dishes are basically ready. They should be soft enough to mash or blend if you prefer a handheld blender. The leeks add a lot of flavor to the white potatoes and the flavored salt enhances both the yams and potatoes to perfection.

7) Finish the brussels sprouts and mushrooms

Once the outer layer of the sprouts begins to brighten, pour everything into a baking pan. Pour a 1/2 cup to a cup of cranberries over the top. Place on the upper tray of your oven and bake. 

Taste test the mushrooms to your liking. If you prefer that they are not too mushy, remove from the heat sooner. Strain the liquid from the mushroom pan into a bowl -- this is your gravy!

Check the sprouts, once the cranberries begin to soften, it's done! The sprouts should be cooked through, but crunchy. Add nuts into this dish if you wish as well!

8) Gravy

Put the gravy back on the stove in a small sauce pan and stir while heating. Add a dash of cream if you like or serve as is!

Choose Treatmo to order fresh food and ingredients made my local artisans and chefs, who make your satisfaction a priority. Get the iOS app. 

The best part The leftovers!! You should have enough for a plate to enjoy the next day. 

by Anna Zefferys. CEO and co-founder of Treatmo. Lover of great food and great people.