Fuel Juice Bar Leads Healthy Eating Innovation in Bed-Stuy with Mobile Ordering And Pay

Brooklyn Born. Brooklyn Made. Refreshing eats in Bed-Stuy and convenience through mobile ordering and pay and healthy rewards. 

Not far from the Barclays Center in Brooklyn on Fulton Street in the Bedford-Stuyvescent (Bed-Stuy) neighborhood is a cafe and juice bar that has been an innovator in bringing healthy eats to the area. On a block that has historically displayed fast food chains, Fuel Juice Bar recognized the need to bring healthy eating locally in a casual and relaxed atmosphere. It has now become a popular spot for nutritious food, juices and smoothies as a cheerful destination to relax and eat or for those on the go.

Owner Jorge, a high-energy entrepreneur and innovator, has constantly added inventive options to the menu to highlight food that's better for you, provides fuel, and tastes amazing. Menu highlights include superfood bowls loaded with quinoa, black beans, various rices, and kale. The Forbidden Marinated Mushroom bowl (pictured) is a complete meal and has all the elements food lovers enjoy. Most of the food is vegetarian, raw or vegan as well as gluten free which caters to customers with focused diets.

Other bowls include Super Food Quinoa Bowl and Quinoa Burrito Bowl. For lovers of quinoa, a seed which provides a complete protein but cooks like a grain, these menu items are like an food oasis from the busy, noisy streets. 

By providing customers an option to pay by phone and earn rewards through their Treatmo mobile store, they've added the convenience of tracking past orders, getting points for purchases and keeping favorites within reach easy.

Order in a tap on  Treatmo  and earn points for purchases. Forbidden Marinated Mushroom superfood bowl from Fuel Juice Bar - Brooklyn NY

Order in a tap on Treatmo and earn points for purchases. Forbidden Marinated Mushroom superfood bowl from Fuel Juice Bar - Brooklyn NY

What makes the bowls at Fuel Juice Bar so great, beyond the fabulous ingredients is the seasoning. They are infused with light but delicious spices and herbs which elevate from healthy eating to must have food that's uplifting, too. They add their own in-house Pico de Gallo, dressings, and marinades that are savory, festive and pop with flavor.

Fuel Juice Bar also makes wraps and sandwiches that are filling and inventive using their own recipes for falafel, veggie burgers, and walnut 'tuna'. The veggie burger, sandwiched between two Napa cabbage leaves, is made from almonds, beets and carrots and an infusion of spices that make it taste incredible.

Raw Burger at Fuel Juice Bar

Raw Burger at Fuel Juice Bar

Fuel Juice Bar also offers a large range of fresh organic cold pressed juices, smoothies and nut mylks (now available for shipping on Treatmo) using the best ingredients with a heavy focus on dark leafy greens. The Just Greens juice has kale, spinach, arugula, cucumber, celery, and lemon. A great smoothie on the menu is the Amazonian Smoothie which is made from coconut water, mango, pineapple, acai, kale, and agave. It's a tropical treat!

Juice to charge you up from Fuel Juice Bar

Juice to charge you up from Fuel Juice Bar

Fuel Juice Bar also has a brand new inviting and warm interior with a large communal table, and bar along the windows and small tables near the juice cooler. It's modern and spacious yet unpretentious and very relaxing. It's a perfect spot to hang out on the weekends, or to eat before heading off to work when passing through the Franklin subway station on the C Line (just one block away on Fulton). If you're looking for great food on the weekend, Fuel Juice Bar will help you get into your zone after a busy week.

Relaxing inside the Fuel Juice Bar

Relaxing inside the Fuel Juice Bar

If you don't live in Brooklyn or the NYC area, Fuel Juice Bar also ships its juices in 6 packs for cleanses across the U.S. Their organic cleanses are designed for detoxing and rejuvenation and are perfect for those who enjoy fresh juice from a great NYC juice bar.

You can order at Fuel Juice Bar by phone from their mobile store on Treatmo and track your receipts and checkout with ease. Just show your voucher. By making great superfood bowls, wraps, sandwiches and juices, they have defined healthy eating in the Bed-Stuy area. 

Download Treatmo to see the store and pay by phone. See how it works!