Cranberries Combine Holiday Cheer with Health Perks

Cranberry sauce adds a vibrant red color to the dinner plate during the holiday season along with a heap of cheer. But are cranberries good for you, too?

Research suggest that these small berries can provide a festive boost to your health. Related to blueberries, another health powerhouse, cranberries have phytonutrients, antioxidants, and a range of vitamins that make them ideal for including in one’s diet. They can help in the following three ways.

Anti-Inflammatory Properties

Cranberries may help reduce inflammation internally which helps prevent disease. The nutritional elements of cranberries lets the body work with less agitation which is good for maintaining long term health.

Cardiovascular Benefits

Cranberries may help prevent plaque build-up in the veins connected to the heart which reduces the chance of heart disease. Because of poor diets, heart disease is a serious health problem for many Americans. Cranberries may be one way to combat it.

Cancer Prevention

Research suggest that cranberries can activate biological mechanisms that fight or prevent cancer and slow the growth of tumors, including triggering the demise of cancer cells. Because the anti-oxidant capacity of cranberries, they are especially helpful in reducing the risk of diet related cancers.

Grate Roots Cranberry Horseradish 

Grate Roots Cranberry Horseradish 

A great way to add cranberries to your food instead of traditional cranberry sauce is through Grate Roots cranberry horseradish. The seasonal Kickin’ Harvest Cranberry combines the power of freshly grated horseradish with all of the benefits of cranberries in a delicious condiment that goes perfectly on almost any dish. It’s a nice addition to the dinner table and will surprise holiday guests who haven’t seen cranberries served in this way.

It also makes an excellent gift for those who love the zing of horseradish and are seeking ways to add vitamin and nutrient rich food to their diet.

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