3 Tips for Better Snacking

Healthy snacking with better-for-you options

Snacking in between meals can have many helpful benefits and doesn’t have to be seen as contributor to ill health or weight gain. With the right better-for-you snacks, munching away can complement nutrition from your main meals and also make you less hungry when it’s time to eat. Here are three tips for better snacking.


Choose snacks that provide fiber since most diets are low in fiber. Fiber is a substance found in plants that the body doesn’t digest and has many health benefits. It makes you feel more full so you eat less, aids with cleaning your system, and can help with weight management. It’s also good for the heart and can lower the risk of diabetes.

Low Sugar

Most packaged snacks, especially ones from the vending machine, are loaded with sugar. It’s not unusual to see 20 to 30 grams per serving! Avoiding snacks like these and opting for low sugar options will help you keep the weight down and not unnecessarily spike your blood sugar. Low sugar snacking reduces the risk of diabetes and reduces strain on your pancreas.


Fresh food has many benefits over processed food or food that has been sitting on the shelf for ages. The more food is unchanged from where it is grown, the more health benefits it provides since the nutrient capacity has not decayed or been lost. Many great snacks come minimally processed and with a farm fresh quality and make great choices.

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Fresh, raw almonds

Try fresh almonds from Fat Uncle Farms. Their almonds are dry-farmed, are packed in the same area as the farm, and shipped raw or roasted and lightly flavored. Almonds are a recommended source of fiber.

Fat Uncle Farms garlic & herb almonds 4 oz bag

Fat Uncle Farms garlic & herb almonds 4 oz bag

Snack bars and granola

Hi-FiBar makes great snack bars with four flavors that combine almonds, sunflower seeds, pumpkin seeds and oats. A healthy dose of nuts and seeds are great at any time for the health benefits, but Hi-FiBar also does not add sugar to the bars (and its granola) so they help keep your blood sugar low.

Hi-FiBar snack bar

Hi-FiBar snack bar

Dried fruit and kale chips

Fluffy Vegans makes fresh dried fruit with turmeric and flavored kale chips (with walnuts). Both come in fun spicy options as. The apple chips are flavored with cinnamon or chile spices. The banana chips are unsweetened and coated in coconut flakes. Dark leafy greens and fruit are always a perfect snack!

Fluffy Vegans kale chips, apple chips, and banana chips

Fluffy Vegans kale chips, apple chips, and banana chips

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