Horseradish For Breakfast, Lunch and Dinner

Add some heat and health to you dishes and holidays with horseradish.

Horseradish comes from the cabbage family. If you've had wasabi, more often than not, you've probably been eating horseradish rather than it's rarer cousin. If you're familiar with horseradish you know the heat it adds to dishes and the zing to your sinuses. 

Interestingly horseradish, now linked very clearly to its ability to fight cancer, is also known to reduce heartburn and alleviate GERD (gastro-intestinal reflux disorder), help with sinus issues and kidney function. Horseradish stimulates critical organs helping the body with digestion, respiration and detoxification.

Freestyle divers are encouraged to eat horseradish to "relieve production of mucous" which can hinder equalization during a dive. People with heartburn may possibly help their condition more naturally with horseradish instead of medications, which are now linked to many disorders from dementia to kidney disease.

Plants benefit health in powerful ways wherein horseradish has been a digestive aid for centuries

What could be better than to incorporate a little horseradish into every meal. A bitter herb that dates back to Biblical times, it's history in food crosses continents and cultures. It's far more than a condiment. Here are some ways to use it everyday.

1) Fried eggs and horseradish for breakfast

Grate Roots makes a seasonally-inspired organic cranberry horseradish that wows with flavor and texture. For the holiday's this is a must and available on Treatmo

Grate Roots cranberry horseradish.

Grate Roots cranberry horseradish.

2) Cheese, crackers and horseradish for lunch

Horseradish with cheese is an under rated food phenomenon. Great pairing for parties during the holidays and tasty for quick snacks and lunch too.

Cheese spread and Grate Roots

Cheese spread and Grate Roots

3) Horseradish and crab

Filling and yet totally simple and delicious, fresh crab and horseradish is a treat! Serve it at a party or enjoy on your own. This is a perfect appetizer or snack before dinner or as a light main course.

4) Horseradish and sole

Horseradish in Scandinavia is commonly eaten with fish and it's delicious. Whether cod, halibut, herring--your choice--add a spoonful of raw horseradish and it will elevate any fish dish very nicely. We advise eating Grate Roots horseradish uncooked to experience the full health benefits.

Grate Roots citrus horseradish is a joy to eat a spoonful of everyday.

Grate Roots citrus horseradish is a joy to eat a spoonful of everyday.

For a really unique and fresh horseradish experience, Grate Roots crafts chunky and tasty horseradish in a variety of natural flavors. Plus it's sodium, fat, gluten free, and organic. It just might be the thing your kitchen is missing. 

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