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3 Ways A Mobile Store Front Increases Customer Engagement

Originally published on, July 25, 2016.

A customer strolls into a cafe off a busy street in New York City. Instead of reading the menu on a chalkboard, she shows a code on her phone screen of an item ordered by mobile en route. The owner taps the code on the cafe's mobile POS and fulfills the order.

In a beat, no cash, credit card or receipts are exchanged, she receives points for the order and heads out the door. Within seconds friends comment on the purchase and some replicate it for themselves or gift her the next one.

What's special about these interactions is that they can all be managed through a single mobile-ready platform. Businesses focused on developing an m-commerce or ‘mobile first’ strategy are paving a new path for growth and customer engagement.

This is already less a trend than the way forward. According to an Accenture report, 48% of shoppers say it’s easier to make a purchase by mobile. Consumerist reports that merchants see mobile pay as faster. Customers also tend to make larger purchases when paying by phone. 

While most mobile payment companies are focused on turning mobile devices into virtual credit cards for scanning, there is a way for businesses to benefit further. By establishing a dynamic mobile presence through a business store front, there is opportunity to increase customer engagement and build deep brand loyalty alongside payment activity.

A mobile store front for business has the power to make features, products and operations readily available and clear, while providing three things customers care about to increase engagement. 


More than ever, customers expect business and product transparency. They want to know where their food is from, and what's in it. They also want options that fit their lifestyle and dietary needs, such as gluten/nut free or vegetarian. A mobile store front designed to achieve transparency and communication of key business features at-a-glance can engage customers in a proactive manner—showing them before they have to ask.


Many businesses today have multiple sales channels. A restaurant or cafe with an in location menu may also deliver, run pop up markets and ship. But for customers the various channels of access, and sometimes even location, are often invisible. By removing barriers to acquiring information about a product or a business and making checkout fast, the customer experience becomes smoother and more engaging opening the door for repeat orders. 


Maintaining continuity, including rewards, is key across all channels. Through mobile payments, digital loyalty programs can easily be integrated at the point of purchase, eliminating the need for punchcards. Generating rewards automatically—regardless of whether the business sales model is online, in store, or delivery only—creates a seamless, one-touch experience and shapes a loyal buying community. 

By developing a fun and informative mobile ordering and loyalty experience, businesses benefit by gaining early positioning in a high-growth space. 


Treatmo, an emerging mobile payment and ordering app with loyalty rewards, engages customers through a marketplace of store fronts with filters for values like gluten free or vegan, what's nearby, what ships and what delivers, supported by search. The platform makes payments feel less transactional and more about people and great food—and not just because the phone replaces cash and plastic. The social aspect of Treatmo, powered by chat, makes it easier to connect with and discover great things to eat through friends.

Learn more about Treatmo mobile store fronts for your food business. Download Treatmo and shop from amazing merchants across the U.S. (Android and an exciting update on the way!)

by Spiro Zefferys, Co-Founder and COO

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