Horseradish More Than A Condiment, Real Food with Big Benefits

It’s fairly common to add a condiment to your favorite food to give it an extra zing of flavor. Aside for being flavor enhancers, some condiments also provide health benefits. Horseradish is one such condiment which can potentially help with weight management, protect against cancer, and kill bad bacteria.

Because pure horseradish condiments are fat free, they can help with weight management. For this reason its been highlighted with the National Heart Lung and Blood Institute as a healthy condiment. Being fat-free gives it the versatility to be used with any meal - breakfast, lunch, or dinner without worry.

Recent research suggests that horseradish may protect against cancer. According to research at the University of Illinois, “Horseradish contains cancer-fighting compounds known as glucosinolates…For the first time, the activation of cancer-fighting enzymes by glucosinolate products in horseradish has been documented.”

Horseradish with Cauliflower and  Bacchanal Sauce

Horseradish with Cauliflower and Bacchanal Sauce

Grate Roots Horseradish 

Grate Roots Horseradish 

Lastly, the oils in horseradish not only give it the pungent flavor, but may also help kill bad bacteria related to digestive disorders and sinus infections. Also, when added to a meal, it may kill pathogens present on the food and keep it fresher according to the USDA.

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