This January Own The Day

The easiest way to prepare your mind for change is to challenge yourself a little bit everyday. When you stick with the same routine day in and day out, shifting gears gets harder. And when you're in a rut, dreams grow stale and change becomes harder to navigate.

I met someone in a New York City-based indie band a while ago who was just starting out. And even though it might seem trite, he said, no one's going to come knocking on my door to ask if they can produce our music. We have to go out and make it happen everyday.

It seems so simple because of course no one is going to come barreling through your door looking for what you have to offer or ask you out, or give you a raise, or help you shed all your winter weight. You have to work hard to get want you want and go after it consistently, passionately and relentlessly. You also have to continue to refine what you're selling, practicing, doing and get better and better. 

Fearlessly trying new things ensures greater preparedness for opportunities, obstacles and connections that come along. By creating experiences on your journey you also build memories to recollect down the road that can boost your mood and wellness whenever you're feeling blue. 

In this spirit, our theme for the month of January is Own The Day. Each day through January do something new, big or small to find your inner-kind: the place where you're the happiest and able to attract those with a similar energy and approach to life.

Waiting for good things to come to you is a promise that they never will.

Everything comes to him who hustles while he waits.
— Thomas A. Edison

Kick off the year by challenging yourself to do something totally new to you every day of the week. It doesn't have to be overly complicated, but from small actions to large, shifting out of old habits and gears is easier than you think and prepares you for a leap.

Here are some ideas--small to big--to #OwnTheDay:

  1. Commute -- Take a new route home from work.
  2. Eating Out -- Get out of your neighborhood to try a new restaurant. Find awesome places you might not have tried on Treatmo
  3. Mindfulness -- Give up your seat to someone on the bus..
  4. Knowledge -- Read a book from a genre outside your reading routine.
  5. Give Back -- Volunteer your time to help others.
  6. Get Outdoors -- Find a challenging hike and go to the top.
  7. Exercise -- Try a new work out and push yourself; ex. go on a 20 mile bike ride.
  8. Group Activity -- Do a polar bear dive! Speaking from experience, I did this on January 1. And it was AMAZING. While staying at my parents place on Whidbey Island I did the Double Bluff Polar Bear Dive. The rush of the crowd, and the chill of the water while diving under was unlike anything I've ever done and woke me up completely, in a way I've never felt before. 
  9. Cook -- Prepare a vegetarian meal -- find some easy ones over at Make Simple Vegan.
  10. Gratitude -- Treat a bunch of friends for no reason at all, all you need is their email. You can do this one instantly with Treatmo. It's a healthy, mindful exercise and builds relationships. 

Never fear going solo. Sometimes you learn more on your own. But social network's like Treatmo involve your friends in your experience in real time too, so you can enjoy them together. Stay tuned all month for off the grid experiences from Treatmo. Let's go! Share yours with the hashtag for a treat from us.