Best Vegan Reuben Sandwiches in NYC


Take inspiration from these top vegan reuben sandwiches to make your own at home. 

The traditional Reuben sandwich is very simple: pastrami, cheese, sauerkraut, and Thousand Island dressing all between two slices of rye bread. The sandwich is served hot with the bread slightly toasted. It's a classic American sandwich and when done right, tastes absolutely amazing.

There are many variations of the Reuben, including the plant-based version. It consists of flavored faux meat, sauerkraut, and sauce, heated and served on dairy free, egg free bread. The combined ingredients are flavorful and inventive, creating a delicious sandwich. Three New York City eateries have mastered the vegan Reuben, and while veggie burgers often get the spotlight, it's time for a throw down of the Best Reuben in the City.  Our top three finalists serve the best we've had.

1.  Champs Vegan Diner - Brooklyn (Williamsburg)

Vegan Reuben from Champs Vegan Diner in Brooklyn

Vegan Reuben from Champs Vegan Diner in Brooklyn

The Reuben at Champs Vegan Diner is a perfectly balanced meat to sauerkraut and sauce creation. It's prepared with thinly sliced and shredded faux meat sautéed on the grill. Mixed in is a delicious, light sauerkraut, creatively seasoned. The thin bread is toasted perfectly and draws out the flavor of the sandwich. Afterwards, you don't feel heavy at all. It's a winner in our book. Even if you enjoy meat, this is a meatless meal you can rely on when you need a break from the routine. 

2. Sacred Chow - Greenwich Village (Manhattan)

Vegan Reuben from Sacred Chow in Manhattan

Vegan Reuben from Sacred Chow in Manhattan

The vegan Reuban at Sacred Chow in Greenwich Village, near NYU and Washington Square Park, is famous. It's one of the first things we eat when visiting the city. This sandwich uses bigger pieces of mock meat, small serving of sauerkraut, and a lot of flavorful home made Thousand Island style sauce. Served heated and toasted on a panini, it's crunchy on the outside and full of savory flavor in the middle.  This is a hearty bite of comfort food that tastes amazing.

3.  Sun in Bloom - Park Slope (Brooklyn)

The plant strong Reuben at Sun in Bloom in the Park Slope neighborhood of Brooklyn works with a large piece of flavored tofu as the meat, the sauce, and a bit of sauerkraut between slices of toasted bread. 

So there you have it. Our favorite plant-based Reuben sandwiches as an option to the veggie burger.

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