Blend About Town - LuliTonix

Always on the lookout for food entrepreneurs doing amazing things, I had a taste of LuliTonix at a popup market in February of 2015 and have been hooked since. 

LuliTonix is a maker of blended fruit, veg and superfood drinks based in New York City with a storefront in SoHo and on Treatmo. The smoothies or blends are distinctly different from juice.

Founder and CEO, Lianna Sugarman crafts her mylks, greens and elixirs in a manner that retains fiber and as much original nutrient value as possible. The Cleanse as one example, contains an entire lemon: peel and all. Ms. Sugarman and Vice President, Paige Gregor, share more about what that means on The Sweat Life

Drinking LuliTonix is like having an usher walk each nutrient directly to your cells. Instead of a juice which sometimes (literally) runs right through you, the blends bring heft that sticks around and makes you feel full like after a meal, but also light with a balanced energy and general sense of well being. 

Beyond the blending process, the recipes are clever and delicious. Drinking them and sharing them with family and friends, creates a fun experience. Every single option tastes totally new and surprising, this makes LuliTonix a lot of fun to order for yourself via Treatmo where you can share experiences with friends and/or treat them too.

The Cleanse is what you might initially think of as spicy lemonade, but that would be a mistake. It's not that at all. It's an innovative elixir that delivers powerful nutrients for your body to absorb including aloe, ginger, cayenne and turmeric -- four of the world's most healing plants. It also has immense flavor. Same goes for the Black Magic. You're not sure what you've signed up for when you drink this one, which is liquidy and solid black from the ingredient activated charcoal. The flavor, however, comes out of left field and zings you. It's an immediate mood lift. 

The Mylks could quite possibly be my new favorite thing. I miss them when they're gone. Cashew-based, there are several varieties. Ingredients range from coffee, chia, coconut oil to hibiscus. They are loaded with vitamins and antioxidants that are easily digestible.  

The beauty of Treatmo is to have LuliTonix in your pocket at all times, so that you never forget it, even when you're stuck at the office after 12AM, it's with you to order quickly and plan for a strong morning.

Pickup when you wish or have delivered in New York City right from the app. LuliTonix creates freedom from fatigue, low energy, boosts immunity and placates bad moods, while Treatmo bridges access to all this wellness and creates community around great food.

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Already locking in my upcoming purchases on Treatmo - Simple pay, share and go! Pay ahead, share your code on the phone at the store, walk away with a new outlook on life.

Anna Zefferys, Founder and CEO of Treatmo, is passionate about discovery, loves traveling and exploring food and flavor of all cultures.