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While emailing with Arizona-based entrepreneur Ruben Trujillo about his startup, Cafe Emporos, a key word he used to describe his coffee company grabbed me: community. Coffee at its heart brings people together. Community is also at the core of Treatmo and is highlighted in the story of Cafe Emporos

'Pour over' single origin coffee is a relatively new concept in the U.S., but it's popularly known as hand drip coffee in Japan and Korea, where Ruben had his barista training with masters of the craft.

Thank you, Cafe Emporos!

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While living in Korea, Ruben took an immersive 15-week course on coffee beans, brewing and preparation. A friend connected him with a local business called Cafe Maywoods and the owners took Ruben under their wing. During his coffee apprenticeship he travelled to trade shows in Seoul and Tokyo where he learned the art of hand drip coffee.

Ruben's journey to creating Cafe Emporos creates a picture of what it takes to develop an idea. His product thoroughly reflects the experience and knowledge gained along the way. The slogan, Stir the Mind, inspires you to do the same. 

Tear open a Cafe Emporos coffee satchel and an incredibly fresh and delicious aroma will strike you immediately. As a conscious company, Ruben's vision strives to fulfill an eco-friendly mission which led him to the fair trade, organic roasts of San Francisco based Linea Caffe, led entrepreneur and Master Roaster, Andrew Barnett.

This was a very happy coincidence and our first intro to the San Francisco-based company. The marriage of Linea Caffe with the innovative hand drip packets at Cafe Emporos is a stroke of brilliance. 

A flavor taster on our team, who generally has allergic reactions to many popular coffee brands, had no averse reaction to the roast and was struck by the well rounded taste and balanced flavor profile.

Thrillist just recently wrote up Linea Caffe as a top new roaster and local coffee company. It's clear to us that Linea Caffe and Cafe Emporos are a winning combination. 

Experience delicious, ready to drink hand drip, single origin coffee. You won't want to be without Cafe Emporos at work, on the road or at home. When you purchase on Treatmo you can share your experience with friends in your network. 

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Cafe Emporos hand drip coffee stirred with fresh home made almond milk. 

Cafe Emporos hand drip coffee stirred with fresh home made almond milk. 

Download Treatmo, add people to your social network, start ordering and sharing experiences with friends everywhere. Treat a friend to start a chat! 

Keep an eye out for Cafe Emporos, "Make the world your cafe."

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