Plant-Based Cafes See Mobile Payments as Future

Using mobile phones for commerce is on the rise. 64% of Americans now have a smart phone according to Pew Research Center and 20% rely on the phone only for accessing online services.  This number is expected to grow.

As a result, people are now using smart phones to handle a broad range of activities - not just calling, texting, or browsing.  One new emerging activity is purchasing food from cafes and restaurants.  

When buying by mobile phone, customers avoid handing over cash or credit cards at the point of sale. Instead, they walk in with the menu items already paid for, show the voucher or receipt on their phone, and enjoy the food when it's served.

For restaurants, it's a more efficient way to transact business, saves time at the point of sale, and eliminates the need for customers to carry cash or card into the establishment.

Eventually the majority of commerce will go through mobile phones as people become more familiar with the benefits and browse restaurant websites only from their phones (instead of from notebooks or desktops).

Treatmo for merchants is a versatile mobile payments option that curates a market of plant-based cafes and sustainable businesses across America, provides an easy platform for accepting payments, allows instant menu upload and editing, and creates an informative store front.  

Customers who download the Treatmo app can search for the restaurant on their phone, learn about the cafe, see the menu with photos, and order with a few quick taps.

Cafe owners and merchants have seen good value in the technology and have expressed admiration for the ease of use and simplicity in implementing the platform in their business, including set-up, training, and customer interaction. 

With mobile payments on the rise and more Americans seeking healthy food, Treatmo is an excellent tool for cafes, farmer's market vendors, popups and restaurants, to set-up an immediate mobile store front and reach a growing audience, making commerce flow with ease.

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