CocoRau Goes Beyond The Bar

Raw Chocolate Treats On The Go

Finding a chocolate haven in New York City may be the saving grace of this large energy absorbing city. The taste of cacao finely blended into soothing flavor, suspends reality, relaxing your entire being. And for a moment you feel present. That's enlightenment, and the the philosophy behind the delectable CocoRau.

Imagine that piece of chocolate transformed from a square into geometric-inspired shapes, two inches deep and an inch wide. Add powerful raw superfoods such as almond flour, raw honey, sulphur-rich molasses and coconut oil (instead of the more common palm oil). Then blend in healthful ingredients like pistachio, or orange and hazelnut, perhaps lavender, or espresso.  

CocoRau treats define the art of simplicity: Artfully crafted, sophisticated bites in minimalist form. Never heated, and 100% raw and non-GMO, all elements are carefully sourced and combined delivering health, calm and happiness. You won't find processed sugar, wheat or dairy. CocoRau honest food begs to be eaten and shared.

The intent with which owner/founder Konstance Zeller, an Austrian native, crafts her chocolate treats reflects her own life. As a professional makeup artist, traveling often for work, she solved the problem of finding healthy eats on the road by making her own to take with her. 

Konstance makes people beautiful for a living, and extends the same energy giving spirit to you through these delicious, stylish treats. Thankfully through Treatmo you can effortlessly shop for yourself and gift friends with personal notes and share the experience. 

Lakshmi Matcha Tea

Lakshmi in Hindu culture is a Goddess representing beauty, abundance and generosity. October is the month in particular where Lakshmi shines. The base of this bite, Matcha, serves to illuminate and elevate your mind and body. With the pistachios, coconut butter, raw honey and cacao it lifts mood and raises energy. This is a skin trip--sending big doses of beauty. It's a good omen to share these delightful treats. ** Planning a chic Halloween-party? Order now and share the artful simplicity of CocoRau artisanal chocolate with friends. 


Raw and jammin with espresso, CocoRau's Turiya is a masterful mix of organic superfoods, including the raw almond base and sulpher rich molasses--which is full of antioxidants. In Hindu philosophy, Turiya means pure consciousness. The sensation of eating one of these helps your journey. A perfect birthday present for your favorite Yoga loving friend.


Samadhi is defined as the height of spiritual consciousness in meditation, or oneness with the Universe. This flavor includes hazelnut, almond pieces, Mexican chile powder and orange essence. Appropriately, desire for truth drives the path to enlightenment. But you don't need to meditate to experience a higher level. Eat This chocolate and reach a new height of bliss.

CocoRau is a about savoring moments, living in the present and sharing gratitude. Explore CocoRau in the App to find the best treat for yourself or create the perfect gift for Christmas. If in New York City, shop ahead for yourself on Treatmo and pickup at Naturees (21 E 1st Street). If you're not near the main store, don't fret, add shipping to your order in Treatmo. Create lasting memories you can revisit and savor over time in the app. Keep chilled and enjoy! 

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