Gratitude Is A Sandwich

There's that food we all grab for comfort when down, for strength when tired and happiness when stressed. Most find their personal happy food in college where new levels of anxiety are lessened after a tasty, satisfying bite.

That treat supplies special nourishment when new challenges hit with that first job after achieving a degree. It's also the bite we lean towards when on the go, or on the road. We have the egg sandwich to thank for a lot.

The classic egg sandwich is a perfect balance of crispy bacon, egg and cheese between two pieces of toast, whether a bagel or an english muffin. The corner deli in New York can whip one together in 5 minutes. 

 The plant based, Egg 'Gratitude' Sandwich.

The plant based, Egg 'Gratitude' Sandwich.

We have the egg sandwich to thank for keeping our lives in check. It's restorative after a late night; energizing before a 7 a.m. team meeting or class, and rewarding after a film production that wraps at 3 a.m. What's unique is the gratitude we feel after eating it for being that constant in a life of constant motion. 

The egg sandwich hasn't changed. It will always be that good mood food. But times have changed and so has our diet and palate. We're looking for ways to improve nutrition, the environment and flavor. The egg sandwich isn't going away. But there are more options now and ingredients have gotten better--more nutrient rich and flavorful, and we're out of our minds about the new look. It's so good.

We gave this old-time favorite a plant-based makeover, and it's a welcome innovation on the original. Everything in these snaps is made from plants (!), and the taste is phenomenal.

Tofu scramble and seitan bacon + vegan muffin.

Serve this up this weekend to your guests, they will be amazed. This is the gratitude sandwich that we have been waiting for all our lives. 

Here's how we built it:

  • Sauté firm tofu into a crumble with mashed yellow split peas (pre-boiled boiled for 20 minutes.)  To the scramble add salt, pepper, garlic powder, sliced green onions (white parts only)
  • Place Sweet Earth Seitan Bacon in a frying pan or on a baking sheet and heat up 
  • Toast a vegan English style muffin, like Oakrun Farm -- and spread on Hampton Creek Just Mayo
  • Layer the tofu mixture, seitan bacon, slice of tomato, thin slices of fresh avocado, and a slice of vegan cheese
  • Warm the whole sandwich in the oven for 5 minutes at 350 and enjoy.

Plant based just keeps getting better!

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