Don't Hide Your Pies - Tips for Small Business

Boost Chances of Success with Powerful Mobile Storefront

The sudden closure of any well known restaurant, especially one with a seemingly large online community, leaves people disappointed and scratching their heads. You may have noticed such an example in your city.

When you take a closer look, you begin to notice a pattern. The star attractions of the restaurant, like the pies, weren't given the right platform to shine. You go into business because you're passionate and great at doing something everyone loves. Whatever that THING is, flaunt it. 

A recent example of a plant-based business that fits this description comes to mind. While it had an established name and excellent reputation, fantastic food, easy parking and a strong following on social media, it wasn’t enough to fill tables.

Even more astonishing is that the trend of healthy eating is gaining momentum. While only 7% of Americans consider themselves vegetarian, the portion of the population that eats less meat has grown to 25%. The number is much higher among millennials who are helping drive change in restaurants towards more veggie focused options.  


This is fantastic for plant-based restaurants, but it's also inspiring to everyone else too. As meat-based restaurants alter their menus with more vegetable-centric plates or create separate all-vegan menus entirely, they’re expanding their welcome mat. It creates an environment where friend's with conflicting diet preferences can all come together to have a good time--whether herbivores and omnivores--and no one feels left out. Additionally, with the abundance of new plant-based restaurants opening, competition has increased for everyone.

With all of these changes in the restaurant scene, plant-based restaurants have to mitigate risk. The good news is the obstacles can be turned into opportunities through proactive marketing, improving your store front and moving beyond standard social media, to reach a broader audience of health-focused customers in new ways.

One effective strategy is to create a simple, but engaging mobile store front. Since people are using their mobile devices almost to the exclusion of laptops to access information and perform daily tasks on the go, innovative businesses increase visibility and reach if customers are able to discover their shop quickly and in one convenient place on their mobile device.

A mobile store like Treatmo, allows customers to learn more about your vegetarian donuts and share their purchases with friends as they shop.

A mobile store like Treatmo, allows customers to learn more about your vegetarian donuts and share their purchases with friends as they shop.

An effective store front will enable a customer to see all they need to know in-a-glance and showcase your 'pies'. In Treatmo app access to your business information appears in clear detail on one screen. This allows a customer to understand where your business is located, whether you're a sit down restaurant, offer delivery, shipping, or do any one of those things exclusively. Importantly, it makes the shopping option immediately visible and engaging. Make your shopping experience seamless and fun to encourage repeats and new customers. 

Treatmo makes all of these things easy to do, and with our version 1.5 coming Fall 2015, your customers will feel empowered and inspired by the incredible access they have to their favorite places and items. Next time they think of delicious, creative food or amazing fresh juice, Treatmo will come to mind because their favorite place (you) is ready, right in their pocket. 

For customers, knowledge is power. The more knowledge they have upfront, the faster they will make a buying decision. Make your products known, let your stars shine, and you'll be top of mind when the urge for great, real food strikes seeking immediate gratification. 

And if you get noticed for what you do well and lay the groundwork for growth today, your brand  will be top of mind when the holiday shopping season begins. Create a store today on Treatmo!