Plan For A Great Week

When Sunday evening rolls around after a great weekend, we're hardly ever prepared enough for Monday. The week always starts with a rush. And often it quickly becomes a Pandora's Box of challenges whether a difficult class assignment or tight project deadlines.

Take five to 15 minutes before the weekend is over to organize the days ahead and schedule in time to yourself. By starting off the week on a solid ground of mental readiness, you'll be better adept at handling whatever comes your way.

Writing to do list's is proactive and helps to prioritize activities. But often times those lists get shipped off to the 'never gonna get done' warehouse of hopeful thoughts. Results take effort. A break from routine behavior can rewire the brain and set us off on a path for accomplishing more. And often a bit of incentive helps too.

Here are three things to do this week starting Monday morning to achieve a better you.

1) Send a good morning note. The worst kind of Monday starts with a demanding or urgent email request. Influence someone's morning for the better. Make the first thing they see in their inbox a note of encouragement and a treat. Doing something nice for someone else at the beginning of the week, like buying them a smoothie or sweet treat to share gratitude or appreciation, will uplift your mood and chase away those Monday blues. By paying it forward, you open channels for good karma.

2) Plan your green juice. As the week gets going, the goal of eating healthy sometimes falls apart. Schedule treats that boost your well being in advance, and give yourself and your body something positive to look forward too. Shop a juice for T-W-F. It's motivating to have a health food agenda and like anything that takes work, including diet, it helps you establish good habits. The key is to stay sharp by reducing fatigue and improving mental balance. Real food, with a leaning towards plant-based foods, helps significantly. Find and shop options on Treatmo near you, or let someone shop for you. 

3) Schedule in your workout. The day goes by faster than we have time to think about what we're going to eat before or after our workouts. Plans get crushed due to last minute schedule changes, or unexpected events. Make working out more than aspirational. Make it inspirational. Ensure you have a treat in hand, a body boost, to enjoy before or after your work out. Nothing motivates like a refreshing beverage. We suggest preordering VROU Life so that you have options on hand. It's delicious, super hydrating and full of healthy nutrients. Delivering to NYC via Treatmo -- check details in the app.

There are many ways to impact the direction that each week takes. But like all things, setting the stage for good things takes work. Otherwise, you get pulled into the chaos and all good intentions become afterthoughts. Plan ahead and shop for things that are good for you and others in advance. This will make you commit. No improvement comes without change and positive reinforcement. 

Download Treatmo. Make and share purchases with friends of fresh juice and healthy eats. Encourage each other with good habits.