Treatmo for Small Business

For a small business to stand out during the last 10 years, it needed a solid online presence with a basic website and social media links. Over this time, lifestyles have changed as drastically as technology with increasing numbers of frequent travelers and on demand shoppers. The statistics paint an impressive picture: 74 million iPhones sold in the first quarter of 2015, and PC sales have declined 10% in the last year.

With the rapid growth of smartphone usage, having a mobile storefront--like the surge in health food--is less a trend than the way forward. A mobile-friendly storefront is similar to your web-based design for PC but is formatted in a way that makes reading and interacting with your site, shopping in particular, quick and easy.

You may already be using a website service that reformats your pages for mobile. But this is no longer enough based upon the mobile usage trends. Many small businesses aren't setup to successfully appeal to the mobile user. Often businesses neglect to provide sufficient details in a quick glance that inform their customer of intuitive things like what city they are in or whether they have a mobile purchasing option for quick shopping.

Treatmo mobile store front creates mobile presence and community.

Treatmo mobile store front creates mobile presence and community.

Even though running a small business is a thrilling and rewarding experience, it takes great effort, time, and dedication to get everything done and keep it going. While digital marketing and selling has become necessary, it's time consuming to generate content, update followers and build community.

For these reasons a sizable number of small businesses don’t have a website. Now, with a mobile store front becoming a basic requirement, even fewer are prepared to do it and do it well.

Individual apps are expensive to develop and take time to create and maintain. While large well-funded companies have built apps that give them a mobile presence signaling the trend, it’s not as easy for a small company to do. Also, not every customer is going to download an app from each business they frequent with retail space on the user's device for apps at a storage premium.

A great option for small businesses in similar markets is to create a mobile store front by joining a community of merchants all within a single app focused on your industry. It takes less time, gives the business more visibility, provides instant community and makes your business competitive with larger companies that have already invested huge amounts of money in a mobile store.

Interact with customers through Treatmo in an authentic way. 

Interact with customers through Treatmo in an authentic way. 

Treatmo for business is an app and merchant platform that has formed a merchant community of health-focused and sustainable restaurants, specialty cafes, bakeries, and juice bars across the U.S. It provides a mobile storefront for each business in less than 15 minutes from registration to input of a few menu items, produces an attractive photo-based menu which can be updated instantly, and let’s users shop directly from photos.

The storefront has features that also make it easy for businesses to establish a unique personality by highlighting the special aspects of their business and menu items. Doing this allows users to navigate through items quickly and order the desired selection.

To help businesses operate better, the Treatmo interface is intuitive so employees can master the portal in less than a minute. Owners can track sales through the portal, see top selling items, and even launch new menu items to their user base. 

The most powerful feature of Treatmo for business is that owners don’t have to allocate time or resources to continually generate content to fill social media channels. They can instead focus on making innovative food and beverages which is where time should be spent. With Treatmo, content is published automatically at the time of a purchase with photos of the menu items appearing instantly in the newsfeed in the app. Users can add to the photo stream and also push images out to social media channels as desired creating buzz.

Most importantly, Treatmo saves business owners time and money and let’s them gain a footing in the new mobile selling environment early enough to establish a valuable store front on people’s phones as it steadily becomes the dominate way to make purchases. 

Get started now and reduce the cost and effort of maintaining social selling.