Eating Healthy In College Improves Focus

Being in college is an exhilarating experience -- so many people to meet and an abundance of things to do every day. It can also be challenging due to demanding course workloads, athletics, time constraints, and distractions.

You'll always remember the fun times with friends in college, but the ability to do well in class and demonstrate academic ability can prepare you for success and good times post graduation.

Focus and mental endurance are key traits needed to handle the hours of studying and boost performance when test time arrives. A good way to keep your mind trained on success is through diet.

Here are four foods to eat to stay sharp and maximize learning, understanding, and memorization.

1) Dark leafy greens: Raw kale, baby chard, spinach, arugula and broccoli are loaded with anti-oxidants which work at the cellular level to keep your mind sharp and alert. Greens also contain folate which maintains brain and nervous system health.

2) Orange vegetables: Orange veggies are rich in B vitamins which are crucial for brain activity.  B vitamins have been shown to prevent brain shrinkage over time, boost mood, and increase neural activity. Try eating yams, carrots, and butternut squash frequently. 

3) Legumes: Legumes are seeds that come from plants pods. Common legumes include lentils, black beans, peas and garbanzos. Legumes have an amazing combination of high protein and fiber, but low amount of fat. The nutrient combination improves heart health which boosts the flow of blood to the brain optimizing functionality.

4) Nuts and seeds: Not just for birds and squirrels, nuts provide proper amounts of brain healthy fats along with good doses of Vitamin E. Vitamin E protects brain tissue. This vitamin is usually deficient in the standard American diet. But nuts and seeds help replenish stores in the body and fight mental decay. Pistachios preserve fatty acids in the brain and prevent inflammation. Walnuts boost cognitive function and memory retention. Almonds also improve memory and reduce the chance of brain deterioration over time.  

By eating a balanced plant fueled diet, you will receive proper nutrition, boost brain health and improve focus. Eating well in college will ensure you get the most out of classwork and have extra energy to enjoy the experience.

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