Be In The Blue Zone Wherever You Go

Many health factors contribute to longer life spans. However there are some concentrated communities, called blue zones, around the globe where people live measurably longer lives and have a disproportionate number of centenarians (those living more than 100 years). Extensive research sheds light on how.

The commonalities start with diet. The communities consume more plant-based foods than the general population. Dark leafy greens, root vegetables, legumes, and fruit play a huge role in the diet. Meat and fish are consumed much less or avoided completely. Further, the quality of the food is very high, much of it unprocessed and whole, without harmful ingredients or additives.

Every meal follows the same pattern. Many residents of one blue zone, Okinawa, Japan, are vegetarian or vegan and have been shown repeatedly to have longer life spans and more illness free years than populations where Western style diets prevail.

Community is powerful in these segments of society where residents of blue zones feel more integrated among their social groups. There is constant interaction and a sense commonality and interdependence. Communal eating is a norm in blue zones. Residents of Ikaria, Greece, another blue zone, often eat with each other, especially as they reach into their senior years. Eating together has been found to improve digestion and absorption of nutrients as well as mental well being.

Convenience appears to be another commonality among blue zones.  People may find it easier to get things done in their daily lives. Access to essentials may be easier, even health care. As a result, people have more time to rest so when they do get together, they enjoy it more. Positive interactions among friends results in happier people and boosts attitudes about life.

Lastly, constant activity and mobility are traits of blue zone residents. Getting out, exploring, learning, and trying new things improves the mind-body relationship. The communal style of living always provides opportunities to do things together and reach out to new experiences in a relaxed manner. The mindset that there is always something new to see or participate in creates curiosity and motivation throughout their lives.

We can all be in the blue zone if we choose. Technology advancements make it possible now every day. The Treatmo app is a great example.

Healthy Eating. The app partners with healthful plant-based food in restaurants, specialty cafes, bakeries and juice bars across America. Eating well constantly and consistently from merchants in the app replicates blue zone eating patterns.  

Community Building. The app picks up on the social aspect of blue zones through sharing of photos and chat so people participate in eating in the same way blue zone residents get together around food. By purchasing food through the app, the user’s community of friends can message the user while they are eating. Sharing food experiences in real time is like having friends sitting around the dinner table, even if you are far away from home.

Convenience. Treamo app makes it convenient and easy to find and shop food, so you expend less effort searching for the best places. This saves time to enjoy life, enjoy what you eat, and find time for quiet moments. 

Exploration. Lastly, Treatmo is a lifestyle app which gets users out exploring, learning about new places to eat and try fresh juice, discovering new ingredients, and experiencing new flavors. The curated set of merchants is a part of the user's extended community, all with environment and community in mind.


Blue zone lifestyles are a way to live your best. You don’t have to live in a verified blue zone region to do it.  It can be done anywhere and anytime. Technology like the Treatmo app puts healthful diets, community, convenience and discovery all at your fingertips!

Download Treatmo. See how it works!