Happiness In The Little Things

It's that feeling of clean sheets when you crawl into bed after an exhausting day. Or maybe it's the smell of freshly cut grass. Some say it's the colors of fall or the first green buds of spring that evoke joy. Happiness is an unexpected treat from a friend or that perfectly ripened avocado at the grocery. 

Micro-sensory experiences--or the ones that cause a brief euphoria--are the ones we want to relish a bit longer and which science says we should to achieve enduring happiness. A recent study by scientists at the University of Wisconsin reveals happier people are those who practice recall of euphoric moments and work to make them last longer over time.

The arc of happiness occurs when a certain part of the brain, called the ventral striatum, is stimulated continuously after a positive event. What this means is you are using your mind to keep the feeling alive.

Life changing wondrous events are fleeting. But finding pleasure in little things can elevate mood and help maintain a balance between the gaps. Practicing memory recall of those uplifting sensations--like a burst of spray from the ocean, or even the feeling of popping bubble wrap or riding a bike hands free--helps preserve those feelings after they've passed to be remembered and enjoyed again later. It's almost like creating a mental recycle bin of memories to reuse when times are tough. 

Pure Simple Juice on Treatmo.

Pure Simple Juice on Treatmo.

Getting a treat or sending a treat is a proven way to generate a feeling of joy. Treatmo is the app for creating a genuine experience that generates little moments of happiness. Few things feel better than being appreciated or making someone feel happy. Sending a note to a friend along with a fresh cold-press juice, sweet cupcake, or even a meal, is real happiness fuel. 

Through Treatmo, create shared experiences and make moments happen.