Shop Treatmo For Social, Local And Green

Before even tasting a fresh, organic cold-pressed juice, the view of the bottles filled with a rainbow of colors lined up on the bar is enough to inspire thirst in almost anyone. The same goes for amazing cupcakes and muffins made with real ingredients, or vibrant plant-based salads and wraps. Once you eat top, locally made whole food, it’s difficult to choose anything less for your well-being.

You shouldn't have to struggle to find inspiring and healthy spots, whether you are just starting to want to eat better at restaurants in your own community, or are passing through a new town or city. When you need nourishment on demand, Treatmo app connects you instantly and aims to make it easy and fun to stay nourished in a natural and sustainable way, supporting local businesses and farmer's markets.

Through Treatmo, find top juice bars, veg-friendly restaurants and bakeries instantly by location and diet preference. Upon discovering the perfect place, shop for yourself or send a treat to a friend in a few taps. Not sure what to choose? The app makes discovery fun. Follow friends or other users to see their healthy eats and shop their food--just tap the photo. 

Treatmo creates a new kind of awareness through social purchasing and a curated market of top food and places in cities across America, from Brooklyn to Santa Monica. With a focus on enviro-friendly merchants who have wellness and happiness in mind, users learn more about businesses that fit their lifestyle than they might find in general searches on large sites. The social share and chat upon purchase brings others into the experience and generates enthusiasm and authentic connection--almost like sharing a meal with family and friends.

Use Treatmo to bring more health and wellness into your life and make it a shared event. Power intelligent food choices across the country with Treatmo in your pocket. Get the latest app!