It's More Than Coffee, It's Matcha Better

For more than a few years, over six to be exact, we've been looking for a coffee alternative. Our founder even dabbled in the kitchen one summer in Montauk with different concoctions. Not that we didn't like coffee, but it was time for a new flavor in the air.

With coffee cups piling up on the office desk everyday like tributes to hours gone by staring at spreadsheets, the desire for something new grew. Coffee wasn't cutting it. On a Thursday after an already long week and late nights, the coffee was even failing to do its job. We were desperate for a replacement.

And for anyone, as the number of coffees over the course of an average 10 hour day increases, at some point energy stops flowing and agitation takes its place. Still, we reach for yet another cup to the horror of breathers everywhere: There isn't enough gum in the universe to keep that coffee breath down after drinking of that bean all day.

When we learned of a Cafe called MatchaBar opening in Williamsburg in October of 2014 focused entirely on Matcha, our knee jerk reaction was to post to Facebook, "Can't wait to try THIS!" We got a few enthusiastic first responders to the scene. But even for New Yorkers this was something new. While there were a couple of places to get Matcha in NYC (excluding big chains), it wasn't yet packaged in a way to get the heart racing, until this cafe came along. We were on the next L-Train out to Williamsburg.

MatchaBar tins to make yours at home.

MatchaBar tins to make yours at home.

MatchaBar Cafe, Williamsburg

MatchaBar Cafe, Williamsburg

Several months later, we've been drinking Matcha a lot. We went to the MatchaBar class, bought the kit and now satisfy our daily thirst on whole leaf, ground tea. MatchaBar is tops on the list for a break from the breakneck pace of New York. Having one with the delicious and refreshing peach or lemon made by Armondo--barista extraordinaire--or one of the bros, is a treat. It also shows there's more than coffee to satisfy a daily caffeine craving.

What Matcha is is even better too. From our own experience,

  • It doesn't cause that edgy feeling, where you're ready to claw your way through the day if necessary.
  • A late-night Matcha is better than a coffee because when you finally do lay down to sleep, it doesn't keep you staring at the ceiling for hours.
  • So far, no reports on bad breath.
  • One Matcha will have you finishing that weekly report for your boss faster than a coffee--superman-like focus is a natural side-effect.
  • With Matcha you find yourself in a state of energetic, calm. It brings balance, but still helps you through the midday dips.   
  • Lastly, while there are many coffee drinkers eager to consume something new, there are many noncoffee drinkers who will find community at MatchaBar. 

We keep our friends close, but our Matcha closer. With the innovative and fresh take that the MatchaBar team has brought to this ancient leaf--including vegan options at the cafe--it's no surprise they are early adaptors of Treatmo Pay. Treat your friend or yourself a Matcha today! And all weekend they're serving up goodness at Governor's Ball on Randall's Island (June 5-7).

Matcha On!

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