Workplace Wellness Starts With Gratitude

A perceptive manager understands when an employee has added value to the company to move a project along, meet a business objective, enhance competitive positioning, or improve the quality of the work environment. 

A worker who genuinely wants to strengthen a company is hard to find and an important human asset. A leader knows how to recognize the efforts of employees who are making a positive impact often with a simple 'Thank You.'

Encouraging staff who do their job well and consistently with an occasional reward, leads to a happier office, improves mental well being and lowers turnover rate. Millennials in particular who have higher dissatisfaction rates with the corporate environment respond better to regular appreciation and encouragement.

Managers can facilitate rewarding staff through the use of technology. Treatmo is a powerful new app that makes it easy for managers to send a thank you to their employees in the form of healthy food and/or drink. Customize a message, pick an item from the menus and send the treat for your employee to enjoy at their convenience.

Sending a thank you in the form of a treatmo will create workplace camaraderie and on the job enthusiasm. Here are five workplace pillars to reinforce with a Treatmo thank you:

1) Innovation: An employee comes into your office with a new idea. Even if the concept is not totally ready and needs more work, why not send a treat to encourage innovation and show appreciation.

2) Speed: An employee is working on a team project and has ownership of items to complete before others can do their part. If they move projects off their desk quickly, send them a treat. Reward speed and of course, quality.

3) Responsiveness: A client has a request that needs attention. The employee provides excellent assistance, pleasing the client and strengthening the relationship. Send a treat to reward responsiveness and customer retention.

4) Teamwork: You're out of the office and your boss requests a quick presentation before going into a meeting with the CEO. You work with a colleague who steps in to handle the request. Send them a treat to say thanks.

5) Wellness: Your staff is exhausted and has a massive, looming deadline. The sharing of gratitude for their efforts fuels wellbeing and mental health to keep teams on track. Recognizing employees on a regular basis leads to greater productivity and better output. Through Treatmo, implement a program that acknowledges employees regularly and enforces good eating habits: Reduce sick days and low morale and boost staff self esteem.

6) Meeting Goals: There has been pressure to grow the business at a major customer. The team gets the big order and you see major sales. Send a treat to reward the achievement of a key business objective.

A productive and happy workforce is one that fosters a positive environment for all.  Treatmo is an excellent tool for employees, management and teams to acknowledge each other in a refreshing way. 

Download the free app and share it with your team.