New Cleanse In Town

Treatmo sat down with Quintessence in New York City recently to taste their famously delicious All American Burger. This incredible raw, plant-based take on the American favorite is a fantastic gateway to the vegan diet. We also chatted about their latest addition, a cleanse. 

What is immediately likable about the Quintessence Q Fresh Cleanse is it's made fresh to order. This means the juices have maximum potency compared to juice that sat on the shelf prior to purchase. We are also very intrigued by the combination of flavors and ingredients for the 5-day juice cleanse in particular. It's one that keeps you on your toes and excited about doing a cleanse with everything from Violet Leaf Tea on day 5 to Electrolyte Lemonade on Day 2 with Flax Seed Oil.

Mun Chan and business partner, Chef Dan, continually push to create a menu at their chic cafe that holds true to their raw food base, but is also accessible and enjoyable to any diet preference. 

We asked her what about the value of a cleanse if we digress to bad eating habits afterwards. She had a refreshing perspective: "Your body is like a house. You need to clean your house once a year, but that doesn't meant you can't allow yourself to get messy." 

Benefits of a cleanse? 

  • Clearer Mind
  • More Energy
  • Better Sleep
  • Glowing Skin.

Post cleanse?

  • No processed foods
  • No chemicals
  • No preservatives.
Quintessence NYC Juice Cleanse

Quintessence NYC Juice Cleanse

How to expect to feel during the cleanse? Mun again compares the body to a house, "When you clean your house the dust comes out." You'll feel a bit more tired because the body is working to detox which means more trips to the washroom and possiblly skin breakouts. She doesn't recommend strenuous exercise during the course of the cleanse.

Quintessence Green Juice

Quintessence Green Juice

So what is the minimum one can do to achieve improved wellness if a cleanse isn't on the agenda? Mun suggests adding a green juice everyday and becoming educated on nutrition so that you achieve greater awareness of what it is you're eating. 

Give us your thoughts! Check out the cleanse, and if you're interested, treat yourself to a one-day cleanse on Treatmo to test the waters and see what else you can treat yourself or your friends. Get the app!