Best Veggie Burger In America

For vegetarians and vegans alike, the veggie burger is often the only item on the menu to eat at a standard restaurant. But mastering this dish isn't easy. Of everything we've tasted we finally found one that takes the crown. So much so, we've named it, "The Real Happy Meal."

Quintessence restaurant in New York City has innovated in the raw food--or living food--space since 1999. At that time, they opened to global press and began a food revolution. They remain the longest running restaurant of its kind anywhere and continue to create food that is remarkable in flavor and creativity for vegans and non-vegans.

The base of The Real Happy Meal is the raw vegan burger patty. All of the food is made in house, fresh everyday on East 10th Street in the East Village. Two all vegan special patties are sandwiched between kamut bread (gluten free options available) with onions, lettuce, pickles, ketchup and mustard. Everything is plant based and made from ingredients sourced locally whenever possible from farmer's markets. 

So many times a veggie burger is mushy, oily and fried to a level that lacks flavor or nutrient value. This burger takes the concept of raw veggie burger to a new level. And it's the first we've tasted that has real potential to be the go-to option for even a die-hard burger lover.

Vegan? Whatever! Patties and buns forever!

This comes from Anna, our founder, who has tasted some of the top veggie and non-veggie burgers around the world.

If you were on the fence about mixing up your diet with more plant-based foods before, this burger is an ideal place to start. If you're a big meat burger eater, this even has familiar flavor and texture. And it's totally guilt free. There's no grease or that after meal heaviness feel. It's a perfect balance of taste and substance. 

Quintessence, New York City

Quintessence, New York City

Add avocado slices and choose from a selection of shakes to complete the meal. We can't stop eating it. Now it's your turn. 

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