Earth Day Treats

Earth Day was first proposed at a UNESCO conference in San Francisco in 1969 and became official in the U.S. in 1970 as a way to honor the planet and bring awareness to environmental protection and sustainability. In 1990 it became a worldwide event which we observe on April 22.

Since it’s inception to the present day there has been non-stop economic growth globally, first in the developed nations in North America, Europe, and North East Asia and then in the developing counties such as China, Russia, Brazil, India and the nations of South East Asia.  This has been accompanied by a surge in population as well.

As businesses expand to support the unprecedented growth of consumer purchasing without balancing the impact to the environment, the sustainability of the planet’s natural resources and bio-abundance suffers in many ways such as deforestation, declining freshwater volume, warming climates, depletion of wildlife and marine life, air pollution, and landfills reaching capacity. All of this harms our quality of life and jeopardizes the livability for future generations.

Individuals can make a difference starting on this Earth Day: Try eating more plant-based meals and reducing meat consumption. Animal agriculture takes a huge toll on all of of our natural resources and may be unsustainable as the population increases. Support green businesses that limit their environmental footprint by using compostable product packaging, rely on renewable energy sources, limit waste, and offer food products that try to lessen their dependence on animal ingredients. 

At Treatmo, we believe Earth Day celebrations send a powerful and timely message that we need to combine economic growth with sustainability more so than ever before. In honor of this mission, we have officially launched an amazing mobile purchasing and treating technology this April, which presents a range of green businesses to shop from across the country. Treatmo business are mostly local, fresh, and organic, offering innovative and thoughtful menu items that indicate a concern for habitat. We are creating a community and culture with health, wellness, happiness, and environmental preservation in mind. 

Celebrate this Earth Day by treating your friends, family, and yourself to amazing treats from enviro-friendly businesses with the future in mind!