TREAT FEATURE: Wheatgrass Powerhouse at Little Choc

Okay Thursday, time to freshen up with some killah immune boosting, energizing green. Try on a tastebud dazzling wheatgrass latte, specialty of Little Choc Apothecary in Williamsburg--the first all vegan creperie.

Everything in this sweet spot is pure and true--no artificial ingredients, everything of top quality, and made with love and creativity. This wheatgrass latte is no exception. Have no fear all your essential nutrients are maintained at full capacity for cell rejuvenation in this beauty.

The almond milk--freshly made at the shop btw--is steamed but just enough to warm your senses and not damage the enzymes.

The wheatgrass is masticated into a single shot, crema intact--the canvas from which combined with the milk, art is created--as owner and chef, Julia Kravets perfectly describes this delicate balance. There you have it. 

We weren't wheatgrass lovers before this sweet treat, but now we are hooked. This is a special goodie to enjoy with your friends. It is an energy and nutrient powerhouse. Treat someone to health today and definitely, treat yourself!

If that's not enough--here are 50 reasons to drink wheatgrass everyday

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