Keys To A Happier You

We may be more connected than ever with all of the technology around and available to us, but it has actually served to make people feel more disconnected. This is what Action for Happiness wants to change through 'happy activism', a worldwide movement to make people feel more connected. It's also what Treatmo wants to impact by innovating how we treat each other.  

Happiness supporters have a goal of creating greater well-being and joy across the planet by helping people relate better with one another and the daily stressors influencing all of us everyday. The idea is to motivate people to connect in a positive way to overcome feelings of isolation that result from busy, complicated lifestyles and enormous workplace, family, and geographical pressures. By making this a global focus on March 20, the International Day of Happiness, happiness activists aspire to lift spirits and influence healthy change.

The group, Action for Happiness (, has identified ten keys for living happier which are within our control based on scientific well-being research. They include:

  1. Giving - doing things for other people, especially family and friends, or maybe someone new
  2. Relating - making worthwhile connections with people more frequently
  3. Appreciating - finding beauty in the world around us
  4. Trying Out - discovering new things
  5. Health - taking care of your body through diet and exercise
  6. Direction - have goals to look forward to
  7. Resilience - find ways to bounce back 
  8. Emotion - take a positive approach
  9. Acceptance - be comfortable with who you are
  10. Meaning - be part of something bigger.

Attaining more happiness everyday is achievable, even if it starts in small amounts. Notably, nothing on this list is related to beauty, prosperity, or popularity. For most of us, we may already be aware that these keys are beneficial to a better life. Making the effort to change how we do things, however, isn't easy. Considering the daily challenges we all face, it’s not surprising.

On March 20, happiness supporters are going to hit the streets, meet new people and make positive connections happen. Treatmo works at driving kindness like this everyday by providing a tool that merges the mobile world with the physical bringing people together in an authentic way.  

Shared experiences over positive actions are a form of creating happiness and health. Treatmo is an opportunity to alter someone's day for the better. It's as healthy as a smile. It steps beyond a 'like' or a 'retweet.' Treatmo instigates positive action through veg- and environmentally-friendly purchases you make through the app for yourself, friends, family, colleagues and even people you only just met. A purchase, once redeemed, feeds the app and invites photo sharing, chats and treat backs: Extensive research has shown that treating someone is a gesture that not only improves the mood of the receiver but the giver. 

Treats are more than frivolous purchases they are key to helping us achieve our goals, as noted by The Happiness Project author, Gretchen Rubin. They can help you reward yourself and your friends on that path to making change and be that positive reinforcement. 

Treatmo makes the process of giving easy and effortless. It can be done between people across great distances--Treatmo makes it possible to Treat from Europe!--or in person at a cafe. It encourages genuine relations. Since merchants in the app are companies focused on wellness and the environment, Treatmo is about taking care of our bodies and the world. And it ties in the 10 keys for living happier from Giving to Trying Out and Relating. Treatmo is about discovering new and innovative things to taste, share and appreciate.  

The happiness movement is gaining momentum. The zeal of happiness supporters and amazing technology like Treatmo--a Happiness Maker--drive enthusiasm for positive interactions, being kind to one another, more worry free and ultimately more healthy. 

Be water my friend.
— Bruce Lee