Lefferts Gardens Juice Bar, House Of Juice

The beauty of New York City is its creators. The entrepreneurs inventing and crafting products for everyone to explore, love and share. That's what the city is all about. It's an enormous backdrop for imagination and discovery. One of these creators is House of Juice in Brooklyn. 

House of Juice first came to our attention at the Altman Building where The Seed has a vegan popup market. House of Juice sources organically from local farmers and from their garden attached to the shop in Prospect Park/Lefferts Gardens.

Co-owners Danii and Kevin bring inventive combinations to the cup and bottle for you to boost your health and mind. House of Juice serves both Kombucha and its variation, Jun. Jun while similar to Kombucha, is based on honey instead of cane sugar, and generally green tea vs black tea. They make their version strictly with raw local honey from New York. 

At the juice bar on Rogers Avenue. Quickest route? The 2 or 5 to Winthrop Avenue.

Many who have tried Jun vs Kombucha describe a more complex flavor that includes the profile of the honey used. It also delivers more antioxidants and vitamins compared to sugar as honey has superior health benefits.

The Honey Bun Jun at House of Juice is further packed with the antioxidants from the polyphenols in green tea, which have been linked to protection against heart disease and cancer, as well as better blood sugar regulation, blood pressure reduction and anti-aging.

The Jun at House of Juice is smooth, sparkly and delicious infusing with a balanced energy to burn throughout the day. We call it happy food because when you drink it you feel like dancing. 

From the same makers, we love the Ginger Beer which is "probiotic fermented from ginger bug" with a raw sugar cane base. We always stock up on both. And for the holidays these are great mixers for your mocktails and even cocktails. 

Ginger Beer!

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