Healthy Secret Santa Gifts Under $30

Light a candle, pour a cup of cocoa, sit back and send a Treatmo.

There's this thing about great chocolate, when it's gone you wonder where it went. As you've probably read, chocolate is full of health benefits too, including vitamins, minerals and antioxidants -- good for the heart, mind and soul. 

We feature an abundance of decadent chocolate options here along with other treats sure to delight a loved one's heart and make it stronger too. All of our picks are unprocessed, clean (Paleo, dairy free, gluten free, vegan or all of the above), and locally made by experts at their craft. In addition, this inaugural year our selection comes from hotspots that offer shipping or delivery through Treatmo, with the exception of one pick that's simply an awesome destination.

Everything below is available to order right now on Treatmo. Gift friends, family, colleagues, peers or yourself and start a conversation in the app (see how at the end). Enjoy.

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1) Non dairy milk maker, NotMilk, New York City - Delivery

Dairy milk alternatives expanded considerably in 2015 away from soy to nuts, hemp, quinoa and more. The options within these categories have expanded too with local crafters making fresh versions available through farmer's markets or specialty delivery. 

NotMilk is made with walnut, cashew, macadamia and almond. All selections are vegan with the exception of Lavender which has honey. These refreshing, light, raw and balanced drinks -- good for coffee, baking or drinking right from the bottle -- deliver all the benefits of nuts such as vitamins B, D, E, K and Omega Fatty Acids. This is an experience to gift to someone who loves exploring and eating great food. 

Gift someone a healthy start to 2016 with a delivery of freshly squeezed NotMilk. Prices range from $8.00 to $10.00. Delivery is free with minimum order of $30.00 in New York City.

2) The Almond Mylk Experience, Boom Juice, Dallas - Delivery 

After an experience in Dallas this past summer where we enjoyed six bottles of Boom Juice, while on a detox stay at the NYLO South Side for Treatmo, we are totally hooked. Boom Juice makes gourmet, plant based, nutrient dense juice, coffees and mylks. Their delicious and imaginative combinations of fresh, organic ingredients, without added sugar or excess salt, are the health boost needed to start 2016 and incorporate into a daily routine. 

In addition to being Paleo, everything served is 100% vegan, raw and Kosher. All of the mindfully prepared and packaged products combine to deliver holistic wellness. Their passion for crafting recipes that impact health and the environment positively are felt in everything on the menu.

We're on a mission at Treatmo to make fresh nut mylk available wherever you go, so that it's easily accessible outside of the grocery aisle. What's amazing about Dallas is there is no additional tax on juice. We were blown away by this. This makes health even more accessible. 

Treat your peers, coworkers, friends and loved ones! Gratitude comes back to you in healthy ways

Enjoy Boom Juice delivery to your office or doorstep. Free for Downtown Dallas. Average prices range from $6.50 for a Matcha or Cold Brew Latte to a bottle of juice $10.00. Raw food items are available too. 

3) Mild Crunch, Complex Flavor, Haute Chocolate, Brooklyn, New York - Shipping to you

Each of the chocolate variations from Haute Chocolate invite you to savor the complexity of the flavor profile. Chipotle kicks up a nice spice. The Rosemary subtly grabs your senses and tantalizes your taste buds. There's a heartiness and sauciness along with a mild crunch in every bite.

The chocolate has an intoxicating quality that keeps you nibbling away and feeling great about it too. How can it be sinful when it's dairy free, gluten free, paleo, fair trade, organic and vegan. Enjoy the creative combinations, rich taste and health benefits of dark chocolate. 

Shipping is $6.00 and average price per bar $8.00.

4) Organic and Fair Trade, Farmhouse Chocolates + Ice Cream, Burlington, Vermont - Shipping to you

Truffles! Take a spin through the chocolate (and caramel!) variations in the Treatmo menu at Farmhouse Chocolates. It's going to be tough to decide. Aside from everything being organic, fair trade and delicious, the chocolate bars here are vegan. So take your pick. When chocolate is around, it doesn't last very long. But when it tastes this good, it becomes a fight for the last bite.

If you love chocolate or know someone who does, shop the exciting combinations brought to you by Farmhouse Chocolate in their Treatmo store. They arrive in thoughtful recyclable and compostable packaging, which is even better. This is the kind of gift you won't find perusing your local market, because it's only in Vermont. But now available to you through Treatmo shipping.

Flat rate shipping $6.00. Chocolate prices range from $5.00 to $24.00. Go get 'em! 

5) Fine and Raw Chocolate Factory, Brooklyn, New York - WillY Wonka, hold on to your hat

fine and raw bites.JPG

Whether living in New York City or visiting, put this on your loved one's must do list for 2016 by gifting them to chocolate treats at Fine and Raw. Around the office we eat the chocolate bars and truffles for breakfast, lunch and dinner, and we do believe we're better for it.

The chocolate and other ingredients are organic and sustainable. You won't find anything refined or processed in these treats. The cacao and inventive flavors combine to deliver extreme delight and substance in every bite. We had the mint truffle recently and our head exploded.

A visit to the cheerful and fun chocolate factory is a unique experience in New York. Share it with your friend on Treatmo when they get their treat. 

Prices on Treatmo range from a bar $8.00 to an eight piece truffle set $28.00. Choose someone's adventure and treat them Fine and Raw. 

6) Queen Bee Baking, Bend, Oregon - Shipping to you

Once you taste locally made macarons crafted with fresh, seasonal ingredients, it's hard to find anything else acceptable. Queen Bee Baking out of Bend, Oregon makes these french pastries with delightful flavor, perfect crunch, and no sugary aftertaste. Gotta have it.

You'll find this local maker at the farmer's markets when in season, and they are addictive. There is no way to really stop after one. Sadly they disappear too quickly. Dairy free options too here and continually new flavors from local inspirations and farms.

Buy a pack of five for $12.00, tack on shipping right from the menu for $12.65. 

7) Camberville Dog Treats, Cambridge, Massachusetts - Shipping to you

Your pup needs veggies and fiber too. They have needs. Make them happier with these amazing, small batch, vegan dog cookies, which are free of chemicals, preservatives, wheat and other un-dog friendly things.

The best thing about these dog treats is the simple ingredients--you know what's in each one, how it's made and where it's made. 

Camberville Dog Treats ensures your pet gets vitamins and nutrients they may not receive in the bowl to keep their coat shining and heart smiling. Treats you can trust with your best friend. Woof!

No shipping minimum, average price $8.00. Dog toys too in Camberville Dog's Treatmo store. Go wild.

8) Creamy, smooth, Chocolate Hollow, Burlington, Vermont - Shipping to you

Like butter, but without butter or any dairy in fact. Chocolate Hollow is the dream. Their very own variation on milk chocolate 'Schmilk' makes you question all of your past life choices.

Delicious to eat and no animals fats. Pure plant on plant in the creation of these incredible chocolate bars. You're gifting kindness and gratitude in every bite. It's an interesting thing. Since cocoa bean comes from a plant, when combined with other plant-based ingredients, it's almost like the compounds are coming home to where they were always meant to be. Home sweet home.

Chocolate Hollow's vegan and gluten free dark chocolate is a thing to behold and melt your friend's heart. Treat in large volumes. Buy for yourself too. 

Average price $5.00, shipping $5.00. Note free shipping if order is $35.00 or over. 

9) Green Goodness, LuliTonix - Shipping and delivery (New York City)

Smooth, delicious and full of healthy benefits, you'll put a big smile on your friend's face if they receive a Treatmo to LuliTonix organic blends.

These clever concoctions are packed with fruit and greens to nourish and sustain. They're crave worthy and fun to drink and share. With the texture of a smoothie, you're getting real, whole foods, including the fiber. The vitamin and nutrient charge makes you feel awesome. You also won't find extra sugars here. 

Spruce up someone's new year with a gift to health and flavor. Get them started with a Treatmo to LuliTonix. 

Average price $11.00, redeem Treatmo Voucher in the SoHo store, or enjoy free shipping and delivery in New York City. 

10) A fitter, stronger 2016 with VROU, New York City - Delivery

We are anti-sugar when it comes down to the sports drink that we tie into our workout. Don't need it, want to keep it clean. We choose VROU pre and post-workout and sometimes Saturday mornings, evenings at the office, road trips...Ok, you get the picture.

After that big sweat from a great run or weight session, this is the source to quench your thirst. The micronutrient water contains essential vitamins and minerals to refresh taxed muscles, hydrate and restore. This innovative and effective method of clean hydration was imagined and created by a former athlete in collaboration with sports nutritionists to naturally replenish the body after a monster workout, game or match, or massive presentation to a group of investors.

The only thing wrong with VROU is that we wish we had been drinking it a lot sooner. 

While this one slightly pushes our $30 gift limit for this guide, it's worth it and this is a better alternative to what you've got in your hand right now at the gym. Cases of VROU are available on Treatmo for Free NYC Delivery from a sampler $14.95 to a 12 pack $29.88. Minimum order of $45.00. See the Treatmo store for further details.

How To?

1) Be sure to add shipping from the menu if needed. *In our January update, we'll be taking care of that for you (and we're excited to now be able to offer that!).

2) Add items to your cart, a fun message (make it public--allows others to join your friend and you in conversation about the gift after received, or make it private, between you and our friend only), pay and send.

3) The recipient will receive instruction on how to get their treat in the Voucher details. Typically this means emailing the voucher to the vendor along with a shipping address. This makes it easy for you to gift without having necessary details on hand, such as your friend's desired delivery address (currently only U.S. Shipping provided). And if you tap on the buttons in a Store Menu like the "i" for information, you'll find additional details about the store there.

4) Live in Europe? Treat your friends in the U.S. through Treatmo! Accepting international payment. U.S. pickup, delivery and shipping only.

*Below is a sneak design preview. Our January app update will include digital loyalty, gift cards, and expanded shipping features. We can't wait to share!