Healthy Gourmet Secret Santa Gifts Under $30 Including Shipping

Light a candle, pour a cup of drinking chocolate, sit back and send a gift that's locally crafted.

Finely crafted food from local makers creates a taste experience and happy feeling unlike anything else. We've got a list of fresh, nutritious, locally made items that will make your friend's and family happy.  So get out your list! 

Enjoy this 2nd Edition of our Secret Santa Gift Guide for gifts under $30.00 (including the cost of shipping)!

The cleaner your food is, the more powerful the health benefits. There's no dutch-processed cocoa in any of our chocolate gift selections. All of our picks are minimally processed, clean (paleo, organic, dairy free, gluten free, vegan, or all of the above), and locally made by experts in their trade. You'll notice the spicy options as this is a growing trend. 

Everything here is available to order right now on Treatmo. Get the iOS app and shop any of these stores from the convenience of your phone. We make gifting easy and every year we make it even better.

Gift friends, family, colleagues, peers or yourself. Enjoy.

christmas setting 2.jpg

1) Flavored Almonds. Fat Uncle Farms, California 

fuf coconut almonds.jpg

Go nuts choosing from a variety of flavors and enjoy the experience of raw almonds, straight from the farm. It doesn't get more local that food straight from the farm--unpasteurized and unsprayed. 

All flavored bags are $6.00. Shipping for two bags is $6.80. Also, you can order in bulk!

2) Raw Chocolate Truffles. b Naked Chocolates, Arizona

These little bite sized truffles have maple syrup, cacao plus a little fun. b Naked Chocolates offers a wide selection to choose from, including macaroons, and they're all dense, chewy, and tasty.

A box of six organic, raw truffles is just under $10.00, shipping $7.00.

3) Pure U.S. Grown Cacao, Turned into Gourmet Chocolate. Puna Chocolate, Hawaii

Aleppo Pepper with Cacao Nibs

Beautiful packaging is a treat.

Most people don't realize cacao grows in the United States. When you're shopping the beautiful bars at Puna Chocolate, you're supporting the local farms, too. The cacao is grown on an orchard in northern Hawaii, which is slightly cooler, ensuring you're ingesting a few more healthy fats.

Their gourmet styles are $4.95 each. Shipping is $4.95 anywhere in the U.S.

4) Organic And Fair Trade Chocolates with local Vermont Cream. Farmhouse Chocolates, Vermont

Truffles and bars! Take a spin through the chocolate (and caramel!) variations in the Treatmo menu at Farmhouse Chocolates. It's going to be tough to decide. Aside from everything being organic, and local (apart from the fair trade cacao), some of their offerings are vegan too. So take your pick. 

Flat rate shipping $6.00. Chocolate prices range from $5.00 to $24.00. Go gift 'em! 

4) Drinking Chocolate -- a growing trend, and we like it! Treehouse Chocolate, Oregon

treehouse chocolate 2.jpg
drinking chocolate coconut.jpg

If you like hot chocolate, push it up a level with drinking chocolate that is free of highly processed cocoa and made from responsibly sourced cacao beans. Try the spicy chocolate option or coconut (vegan drinking chocolate) -- two of our favorites! Just add water or milk.

A pack of six is $18.00 and shipping $5.00. 

6) OMG - Organic Snickers! And All Vegan! Rawclates, New York

This is basically a fantasy chocolate bar. Made with all natural, organic ingredients that form the caramel nougat and chocolate outside, these bars from Rawclates are genius. Peanut crunch, creamy filling and just like a Snickers only better for you and totally organic. See us taste test these truffles here

Add an ice pack to your order if shipping somewhere warm. But these truffles are $5.50 each. Shipping is $13.60 for two.  

7) Ello, Love! Meet Your Dessert Bites! Ello Raw, North Carolina

We were so thrilled to meet Ello Raw's organic, raw dessert bites. Their pure ingredients are pure flavor. These edible cookie dough bites are stunners and nothing but goodness--no impact on the waistline. Eat well, live well! Try the donut option too!

Shop a small bag for $4.99. Shipping for any quantity, across the U.S. just $3.80.

8) It's not quite chocolate, it's before chocolate BECOMES chocolate. Good King Cacao, Washington

For some serious crunch, flavor and health, meet Good King Cacao. They work hard to create a sustainable cacao economy by involving farms more in the processing of the beans. Their roasting process and flavoring involves taking what is an actual cacao bean and turning it into a decadent treat. If you desire the pure benefits of cacao, this is the closest you will get before it's melted into chocolate. 

Only $5.00 a bag, shipping $2.99. We love a deal!

9) Creative, buttery spreads for more than just toast! Ground Up PDX, Oregon

This team has an amazing creamery, it just happens to be all about nuts! With options like Lavender Honey, Oregon Hazelnut and Snickerdoodle, not a nut is spared from the wheel of Ground Up PDX's creativity. And their gift packaging? They have that down too.

Sweetened and unsweetened varieties. Refined sugar free. Super local, super good!

One jar is $16.00. Shipping every Thursday only is $10.00.

10) Black Tahini and Pumpkin Butter. Fervor Nut Butters, Texas

As if tahini couldn't get any better. Black tahini spread is emerging in many recipes like these black tahini brownies. From Austin, Texas Fervor Nut Butters, offers the most various selection of butters and spreads--all pure, stoneground goodness. Try their pumpkin butter too. 

One jar is $8.00. Shipping $10.00.

11) Apple butter! Brooklyn Whatever, New York


For your overnight oats and general happiness, apple butter. OMG. Stop now. We can't even. Ok, enough of that. We LOVE this butter and everything else from Brooklyn Whatever. Their jars of mixed flavored nuts are our new reality. So much goodness from one company has to be shared.

Apple Butter comes in packs of three, $15.00 each. Shipping $10.00.

12) Dark chocolate bark. PULSE Roasted Chickpeas, New York

pulse bark 2.jpg

You don't know how good you have it when chickpeas combine with chocolate. Made in the Bronx, PULSE Roasted Chickpeas are the kind of snack heaven that makes life worth living. You get all the healthy benefits of good food like chickpeas and chocolate together in one sweet and savory bite. It's protein, fiber, flavor and love. Gift it and eat it often.

A bag of Vegan Dark Chocolate Chickpeas is $12.99 and shipping only$3.49. 

13) All Natural Clean Treats for Your DOG. Leela Ryan, New York

leela ryan.png

One high end option for your canine pal, Leela Ryan, cleverly and simply crafted dog treats manage to be clean, preservative and wheat free and delightfully packaged. Leela Ryan from New York makes creative, 3-ingredient treats your dog will love.

Leela Ryan boutique dog treats sell for $9.95 a bag. Shipping $6.95.

14) Pure Angus Beef Dog Treats. ATX Jerky, Texas

dog treat jerky.jpg

ATX Jerky offers pure jerky from Texas Angus Beef with a hint of salt and nothing else! Pure and clean for fido.

ATX Jerky dog treats are $10.99 for a 4 oz pack (more sizes available). Shipping $7.20. 

With real food that you make at home combined with craft food designed by local artisans, you get not only better nutrition, but better flavor to nourish your body and elevate your mind. 

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