5 Ways To Cultivate Your Network

It’s valuable to have a network of authentic people who have your back and vice versa. Social connections open doors, foster productive thinking and create community. Building a network of trusted people to learn from is never instantaneous. Most need to invest time to grow and cultivate a responsive one. Every interaction can either build it up or break it down. 

Here are five ways to interact with people to grow and cultivate an effective network.    

Say thank you. So much is gained from a simple Thank You. But it's so often forgotten. Confirm appreciation and recognize behavior on our behalf. Sharing thanks encourages positive dispositions towards future collaborations. It’s the simplest way to cultivate a network of people.

Reciprocate. With so much activity and creativity occurring in the digital world, it’s easier than ever to reciprocate. ‘Like’ photos of those who ‘like’ yours, follow people who follow you, and treat people who treat you. If you are a creative person whose ebook, app, article or music track has been downloaded by someone you know who also has a creative product, download their’s as well. It may not seem that important at the time, but it takes a second and will grow your network.

Congratulate people. Don’t be afraid to congratulate people. Sharing a moment of your energy to express happiness for someone during their joyful time will always come back to you in a positive way. Recognizing someone's triumph, no matter how small, shows you appreciate that most achievements don’t happen overnight. You will be rewarded with a larger network.

Desire to learn more from people. When you want to learn something, reach out to experts in your network. By doing so you show others they are valued. Knowledge is power, but most people underestimate the value of what they know. When you express desire to learn from others, you not only show respect of another's efforts to acquire knowledge, but build their self-esteem. 

Be a champion for someone. Everyone needs friends to get by, but having a champion in your life is genuinely what you need to move the needle. A champion is out there promoting you or your creations at every step, keeping your name top of mind, and projecting your energy to the world. A champion is even better than a mentor. They have complete faith in your vision and want you to succeed and promote you to everyone. This takes the most time of all techniques to grow your network, but you may actually meet more people by doing it, leading to an exponential growth in connections. Most of all, you’ll have fun and make a real impact in someone’s life.

Treatmo makes it simple to do all five techniques with a few taps in the app. Buy a treat for someone and include a positive message to thank, reciprocate and congratulate. Lastly, Treat It Forward. Send a treat with zero expectation of anything in return. These are the moments you'll remember. 

Get the app and start connecting in meaningful ways.