Send Five Notes Of Thanks To Ring In 2016

The end of the year is a time when people reflect and decide to stick to a diet plan in the new year. I gave up on that because it became clear this strategy always fails. A diet plan is something that requires a consistent effort for 365 days. A flimsy commitment at year end never works.

One thing that is possible to do at year end with immediate results is sending a thank you. There are people throughout the year--friends, family, colleagues, classmates--who pass through our lives quickly or appear day in and day out. They are those who have helped us with projects, work, assignments or whatever life throws at us. These are people who never ask for anything in return. And it's time to send them a genuine, heartfelt thank you. 

We may say thanks in our heart or mind, or quickly on the way out the door. But taking the time to see gratitude all the way through and connect with the individual who shared a kindness benefits two people: the giver and the receiver. Science and research this time last year and reinforced through 2015, proved what we all know: Connecting with people through gratitude is healthy for the heart and the mind. Saying thank you, sharing a kindness, does more than help someone else, it improves your wellness and the wellbeing of those you impact at a cellular level.

Create Your Own Good Luck In The New Year

Before the new year begins, take the time to send five notes of gratitude to people who have in some way helped you along in 2015. It takes nothing but a few seconds on Treatmo to personalize a note and send it with a small gift.

What you get in return can't be measured, and it's not a thing. Rather it's a feeling of being real with someone and creating a shared experience. 

Set yourself and others in your life on a positive path for 2016. Send a Treatmo and start strong. Get the app. Find ideas for small gifts here