12 Ways To Spread Kindness

Between holiday parties, assignments, catching up with friends and family and walking the dog, fall becomes a scheduling nightmare. But one phrase we are all exhausted of hearing is, "I'm so busy." In this madness, the little things are oft forgotten.

It takes time to hold a door, reach out to a friend, say a long overdue thank you and send holiday greetings. But these are the things that matter the most. The connections we have with each other are the glue that holds society together. It's not a post online that garners a few likes, or a retweet, but authentic interaction.

Here are 12 things you can do quickly and easily to share a bit more kindness when you're hustling from A to B.

12 Ways To Spread Kindness This Season

1) Send a greeting to a friend you haven't spoken to in a few months while you're sitting at the airport.

2) Ask someone, anyone how they're doing. Seems simple, but sometimes a "How are you?" can mean the world.

3) Treat a coffee or a meal to a friend or even a stranger. The unexpected treats are the most appreciated.

4) Say thanks to a person in your life who might not normally expect it, like your dry cleaner. 

5) Tip your server generously. Everyone's having a day, good or bad. Giving back in little ways will come back to you down the line.

6) Thank the pilot of your flight as you walk out. Civility in the air is oft forgotten, but everyone's working hard, especially pilots over the holidays.

7) Give your boss a small gift. Even just a coffee or a treat at a local spot will make both you and your higher up feel good.

8) Surprise your girl or guy by sending a treat to their office. Forgo the basic email, send something real.

9) Buy dog treats for your friend's dog.

10) Help a stranger carry their bags up from the subway.

11) Memorize a joke and share it at holiday parties.

12) Give someone a hug.

How to spread a little kindness wherever you go...

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