2016 Healthy Eating Trends

Entrepreneurs and chefs crafting treats from veggie burgers to probiotic fizzy drinks, are reinventing healthy food. Stepping away from supplements and food with ingredients no one can pronounce, more and more people are looking to real and whole food as a source of not only satisfaction and nutrition, but also medicine.

From established eateries to small farmer's market vendors, experts and newcomers alike are experimenting with combinations of ingredients that deliver unique flavor and wellness too. 

We're excited by what we’ve seen across the U.S., Canada, and Europe and we anticipate seeing more of in 2016.

1) Small Batch Almond Milk

NotMilk NYC

Variations of boxed and bottled almond milks and other dairy free alternatives have sprouted up in grocery aisles across the U.S., while a fervor for the fresh made version is growing. And from juice bars to delivery services, the option of enjoying small batch almond milk on demand and on the road is increasing in popularity.

Across the U.S. non dairy milks from New York City juice bars like Agavi Juice in the East Village to Boom Juice in Dallas and delivery service, NotMilk makes it possible to keep fresh almond milk in your life via Treatmo.

Boom Juice

NotMilk in New York City expanded from three flavors to six this year. The rise in popularity of their blend of four nuts with dates as a sweetener, has led to demand for new flavors like coffee and chocolate. Made honestly with recognizable ingredients, the minimalist mylks are healthy, delicious and available in a tap on Treatmo.

2) Chocolate with Benefits

Fine and Raw, Matcha

Dark chocolate continues to get press for its positive impacts on the brain and body. Cocoa that has been minimally processed delivers the highest count of flavanols--the nutrient responsible for improving everything from blood flow to cellular renewal. From Fine and Raw chocolate to CocoRau--both out of New York and on Treatmo--you can get and give a strong dose of raw chocolate to yourself or a friend. 

These chocolate makers combine their cacao with other superfood ingredients like matcha, mesquite and organic almonds that contribute to other aspects of wellness and a healthy glow.


CocoRau also gives you a caffeine kick with Turiya which includes espresso coffee. See other chocolate makers on Treatmo that are setting trends in flavor.

3) Kombucha Comeback

House of Juice

More science behind the importance of gut health in 2015 generated renewed interest in fermented foods from probiotic supplements to kombucha. It's bubbling up everywhere from farmers markets to cold storage at Whole Foods and in a multitude of variations.

Get your fix at The Hive in Santa Monica where they have kombucha on tap and on the menu in healthful combinations with other powerful ingredients. House of Juice in Brooklyn crafts a delicious Jun, a honey based version of kombucha compared to the sugar base. While Jun is not yet as well known as kombucha, once people catch on to the flavor and healthy difference of green tea and honey, we expect that we'll see more of it.

 The Hive

The Hive

We're also excited to see the emergence of coffee kombucha! Find it on Treatmo menus at House of Juice and order both Jun and Kombucha on Treatmo.

4) Healthy and Raw Sweets

Quintessence - Raw Walnut & Chocolate Cookie

Klossies -- the wheat free, dairy free cookies for a cause made by Karlie Kloss and MilkBar's owner Christina Tosi, blew up this year as cookies with a healthy kick. It's part of a larger trend of local crafters making delicious desserts with healthful ingredients. 

From eggless, wheat free and dairy free macarons at Apura Juicery (Boca Raton), Maresa Volonte (Brooklyn) and Reverie Bakeshop (Dallas) to cookies packed with nutrients from Tom Girl Juice (Burlington, VT), excellent healthy sweats, made locally, are available at farmers markets to plant based eateries.

Tu-Lu's Gluten Free Bakery - Vegan Healthy Cookie

We love the raw dairy free, egg free cookies at Quintessence (New York) and Little Choc Apothecary (New York). You also have to try the Vegan Health Cookie for breakfast from Tu-Lu's Bakery.

Little Choc Apothecary 

Fuel Juice Bar

Raw desserts really rose in popularity in 2015, and we expect to see more even at top restaurants from London to New York. One of our favorites was a pumpkin pie at Tiny Empire. Not only do raw sweets taste outstanding in flavor, but they are a fabulous healthy treat after a big meal.

5) Veggie Burger


The veggie burger has been receiving a lot of attention lately. There's a hungry and growing population of vegetarians for sure and a curiosity amongst foodies too. There's plenty of opportunity for experimentation, challenge and flavor creation to make the best one. Plus more people, carnivores included, are realizing they can actually taste really good when prepared by expert chefs and are a better option than meat from time to time.

With by Chloe, Superiority Burger and V Burger taking up mind and belly space of New Yorkers this year, we expect to see many more options and variations in 2016. The 'make your own at home' variety also grew in number with products like Made by Lukas, which gives you a fresh mix of ingredients to make into your own patties. Further west, Green in Phoenix continues to deliver to celebrities like Bill Clinton and locals alike with grub-worthy delights. 


From Pingala Cafe (Burlington, VT) to the best raw vegan burger ever at Quintessence (New York), find yours on Treatmo.  

6) Tea Bars


MatchaBar in New York City gave weight not only to matcha in 2015 as a coffee alternative, but fuel to the tea bar concept too.

Matcha is a powerful superfood to incorporate into your diet with plenty of health benefits from the antioxidants. It has appeared everywhere in 2015 from salad dressings to oatmeal. Search 'Matcha' on Treatmo and you'll discover a world where you can enjoy it in a few taps, including MatchaBar. Anticipate more exciting uses of this crushed tea leaf in 2016.

Tea lattes and matcha have sprung up across the U.S. from Tea & Toast -- a cafe turning out sweet lattes with their own brand of tea mix, to Songbird Cafe (both Phoenix); Matchabox in Los Angeles--and by the looks of posts on Instagram they use locally made almond milk, too; Tea Bar (Portland); and Cederberg Teahouse in Seattle, making African infused eats and sweets.

Tea and Toast

The Boba Guys proved bubble tea can be made in a healthier way, and for those of us who love bubble tea (we're excited!), more of this style is likely to come, and it's well overdue. (Thank you!)

Innovative flavor and presentation of tea has legs in 2016 and matcha is here to stay. Get yours on Treatmo and treat a friend too. 

7) Seaweed

Always a big fan of seaweed salad at the sushi bar and the original kelp salad at Juice Press, it's great to see more variations on the theme appearing in eateries across the U.S.

Sage Vegan Bistro - Los Angeles, CA

The health benefits have long been touted from antioxidants to good fats, it's a savory delicious treat. From Sage Vegan Bistro in Los Angeles to Treatmo hotspots like Quintessence and Fuel Juice Bar in New York, seaweed is finding its way into dishes. 

We learned how to make it at home while sipping a Sakura Latte from our friends at Cafe Wabi in the East Village, and are hoping to see more of it everywhere and in everything.

Kelp smoothies anyone? 

8) Mushrooms

Fungus is among us and creating a stir. From small health concept eateries like Sunshine Superfood Cafe that sold power balls with mushrooms this summer in Scottsdale--and is looking to reopen in 2016--to Moon Juice in Los Angeles, and tea makers, mushrooms are trending. He shou wu/ho shou wou, reishi and others are lending their adaptogenic powers to beauty and health.

Sunshine Superfood Cafe

From thicker hair, to youthful glow and energy, the power of the shroom may surprise us in 2016. 

9) Herbs and Exotic Ingredients 


Moringa, amla, maca, microgreens - these are just a few of the ingredients used by Lianna Sugarman in her inventive line of mylk and green blends at LuliTonix.

After learning about LuliTonix at the Seed Market at the Altman Building early in 2015, we became fascinated with the innovative and creatively crafted blends. Note that they do not 'juice.' Instead, ingredients are blended together in a way that ruptures the cellular wall of food to release nutrients and retain fiber. In this way you receive the full benefit of the food.

The process is one thing, but what it delivers from taste to that good feeling after eating something healthful and delicious is another and LuliTonix does it all. It's easy to get hooked. We're really excited to see what Ms. Sugarman and her awesome team come up with in 2016. 

Pure Simple Juice (Portland) and others like House of Juice (New York), are setting a trend of growing their own microgreens and organic vegetables. Find all of these makers on Treatmo.

10) Powerballs Vs Trail Mix Bars

Power, bliss or energy, superfood packed balls of goodness are tantalizing tastebuds and fueling health from Sydney to London to Toronto. We just had one in fact: A raw almond butter, coconut one while writing this from Jodee's Desserts while on location for research in Seattle.

Jodee's Desserts

The trail mix bar got a makeover in the shape of a ball in 2015. Packed with fresh, raw, ingredients, we saw all forms of healthy power balls this past year.

Packed with superfoods from mushrooms to matcha, local crafters and makers are trying everything for taste, fun, convenience and wellness. Expect to see some in your grocery store soon.

11) Nutritional Yeast

There's a cheesy quality to nutritional yeast but in a non dairy kind of way that's taking hold. And as a food high in protein and fortified with B12, it has healthful benefits and nutrients. Always eager to discover new ways to dress food that provides additional nutritional benefits, this is one we're excited to see more of on menus and used creatively in 2016.

Search 'nutritional yeast' in Treatmo. You'll find an incredible Kale Lime Marinated Salad with this ingredient at Fuel Juice Bar in Brooklyn.

12) Plant Based Dog Cookies

There has been a big push towards local and sustainable food for many reasons, environment and health concerns being two factors. This extends to pet food too. It seems that almost everyday we're reading about more recalled pet treats. So for our friends and family we've become connoisseurs of locally made dog treats with ingredients that we recognize and trust.

Camberville Dog Treats and Dog Foodie NY are two crafters with mindfully made treats that are good for your pet. 

We expect to see more creative options for pets in the new year. Order Camberville Dog today for your pet on Treatmo.

Camberville Dog Treats

A photo posted by Dog Foodie (@dogfoodieny) on

13) Sugar Free and Minimally Processed Foods

This year marked the start of a trend away from processed foods and foods high in sugar and sodium. Greater attention to wellness from the inside out gave rise to more products that make eating well easier.


VROU Life sugar free, naturally flavored water for pre- and post-work grew rapidly in 2015 as a method of hydration and restoration after exercise or to incorporate into a daily routine.

Juice makers like Boom Juice in Dallas refrain from using extra sweetener in their juices, and chocolate makers like Haute Chocolate and others on Treatmo do not use refined sugars. Taste is never sacrificed in fact flavor is enhanced in a way that creates a frontier of new flavor and exploration.

Sugar free, flavorful and healthy options will grow in 2016. Stay in touch with us to learn about them!

Access to healthier food and awareness of businesses delivering delicious choices grew through social media like Instagram and technology giving instant access to local and real food like Treatmo.

Part of the challenge for busy people everywhere is finding time to learn about healthier options and in the right price range. Treatmo fuels knowledge of what's nearby that feeds a healthy lifestyle and makes it easier to incorporate healthy options into daily life at home, school, work and on the road.

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Anna, Treatmo CEO, loves finding interesting, well-crafted products, traveling and exploring food of all cultures, plant-based food in particular. She has travelled extensively for work and fun from home bases in Seattle, Malaysia and New York City.