Good Fats Are Brain Food

When you settle into work or the library for an all nighter, the speediest way to increase your brain power for focus and endurance is through cacao. Daily consumption of flavanols has been proven to improve memory and thinking skills

Most chocolate on grocery store shelves is highly processed chocolate and rich in saturated fats reducing cacao to pure sugar, which does little to support the natural benefits of cacao. 

The chocolate makers in the Treatmo marketplace are conscientious about the chocolate they produce. The makers often source from local farms or use zero animal products and craft raw cacao or bean-to-bar chocolate like Chocolate Hollow. Others use superfood ingredients with the intention of packing more into every bite.

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1) Chocolate Hollow, Shipping from Burlington, Vermont on Treatmo

chocolate hollow

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3) Farmhouse Chocolates + Ice Cream, Burlington, Vermont.

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