It's Time to Say 'Thank You'

"Silent gratitude isn't very much to anyone." - Gertrude Stein

It takes two seconds to say thank you. When you hesitate to share gratitude, you create a void and barrier in the flow of positive communication and rapport. Taking the time to express appreciation for another's effort or time goes a long way to nurturing a relationship and building trust.

Gratitude is essential to healthy bonds. Empathy after all is what keeps a society together and is the glue of personal and professional relationships. If it's one sided the bond can't grow and relationships begin to crumble. When warmth is reciprocated incredible things can happen. Expressing gratitude for a job well done can ensure more great work. Saying thank you for a birthday present helps solidify a friendship. 

It seems simple, but it's often forgotten. Saying thanks makes people feel valued and included. Failing to return another's effort or only exchange a 'favorite', 'like' or nothing at all, due to lack of time or energy, breaks the emotional connection. When that's broken, people become less willing  to engage with you.

thank you

According to Stanford’s Graduate School of Business research, “individuals often withhold help because they are uncertain about whether the beneficiaries will appreciate their assistance.” While it seems intuitive, this is often overlooked. We all need help to get things done, whether at work, in college, or in daily life. Behind every success are countless small deeds from various networks of people in support of an accomplishment. By not recognizing these individuals with gratitude, we risk slowing down or freezing the support.

Treatmo Notes

Treatmo Notes

Research by Frank Flynn at Stanford demonstrated that when helpers “are thanked for their efforts, the resulting sense of being socially valued is critical in encouraging them to provide more help in the future.” Further, when people are thanked it leads to more prosocial behavior and cooperation. The reason is that people feel socially valued when they receive gratitude.

So when you've accomplished something that took a team to make it happen, whether it be coworkers, a college study group, or your friends and neighbors, sending appreciation is your best bet to encourage a positive disposition and future collaborations.

Treatmo is the quickest and friendliest way to express authentic gratitude. With a few taps in the app, you can send a personalized note and refreshing smoothie, fresh blended juice, or amazing raw chocolate treat. 

Your friend or colleague can pick it up at their convenience (or even schedule shipping on their own time if you included that in your order). When your friend receives your treat, the item streams to the newsfeed (public or private -- select the option at checkout). This allows you both to participate in the experience and share in it together.

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