Don't Get Lost In The App Clutter

The race is intensifying for restaurants and food merchants to create their own payments app. After all, Starbucks did with its mobile purchasing app which accounts for roughly 20% of all sales at their coffee shops. With this level of commerce, more businesses want their logo on the home screen of every iPhone and Android smart phone. Staying top of mind among customers is usually key to getting an order and being visible constantly on a mobile screen is a legitimate and modern way to do this.

But is creating your own purchasing app the best way to go. Offering mobile payments through an app creates convenience, builds loyalty and enhances the paying experience by giving customers more ownership at the time of purchase, especially when that purchase can occur from anywhere at anytime. However, with the multitude of businesses launching their own app, the sheer volume is cluttering phone screens limiting the convenience that apps are supposed to deliver in the first place. Anyone who’s had to search through five phone screens to find an app can attest to this fact.

On top of this, building a payments app creates a new cost center sucking both time and dollars, in addition to requiring resources for regular maintenance and management. Developing software is an intensive long-term endeavor.

Because of this, instead of producing a homegrown app, restaurants, cafes and food businesses are choosing a more effective route and electing to join app marketplaces. Within such universal apps, users are able to search for the desired place and food and order instantly, just as if it was a single merchant app. 

The universal platform is appealing to shoppers because it offers effortless payments by mobile phone and removes the need to download a proprietary app from each business. It also reduces app fatigue by providing a single trusted platform to make payments. The added benefit is that customer service is also readily available if needed from a team focused on ensuring satisfaction.

Fast payment, quick checkout.

Fast payment, quick checkout.

One such app called Treatmo is emerging as an open payments platform leader by delivering a compelling experience for both merchants and consumers. Treatmo empowers various food service companies with a powerful mobile storefront to start selling instantly and to manage as needed. The storefront includes pop-up business details, location maps, and a menus displaying items for sale with images and descriptions. Merchants can confirm purchase on any web-based tool including a smart phone, which makes it sensible even for farmer's markets and food trucks. 

The strengths of Treatmo for users, which also serves businesses wishing to be discovered more broadly, include intelligent search, locational features and a proprietary social commerce function which allows users to share purchases to the app's newsfeed creating experiences between friends and organic marketing for merchants. The Treatmo treating platform in particular, allows people to gift each other and create lasting memories through the shared experience generated by the newsfeed.

Treatmos' features help businesses standout and generate rapid word-of-mouth marketing for their products and menu items.

Uptake for this app has been strong with merchants joining across the U.S. who see it as an efficient way to share their menu, product and business details with customers, provide a quick way to pay by phone and an innovative way to build loyalty. 

With consumers losing patience with the jumble of apps crowding their mobile phones, a universal platform like Treatmo solves the problem for most people and certainly for customer focused businesses.

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