Have Fun And Network Too

Treatmo Mobile Storefront for the holidays

Running a small business takes everything you've got. Between crafting great product, preparing for the holiday rush, ensuring customer satisfaction and managing multiple social media accounts, along with other services, finding personal time is impossible. Even when you're out at holiday events, your brain is still on business.

At Treatmo we're working at making things easier. We designed a way for multi-tasking business owners to have a great time this holiday season and talk shop too.

It starts with the dynamic Treatmo menus. Not only can you paste your menu anywhere, like your holiday newsletter or Facebook page for instant ordering, but you can share menu items socially. 

When answering the "So what do you do?" question, illustrate what you do right through the app. Even better, send a treat (whether they have a smartphone or not) by mobile or email right from Treatmo. 

Go beyond just talking about the business you love to creating a future audience.

  • Create a Treatmo promo code before the holidays to pass out at social gatherings
  • Email menu items to try right from the app
  • Share your gratitude and holiday spirit by sending a treat from your Treatmo mobile store to new people you meet.

Treatmo Mobile Storefront/Menus and Email Share

Share your storefront and menu items with others in an engaging way.

Share your storefront and menu items with others in an engaging way.

Treatmo keeps the conversation rolling even after the holiday candles are blown out and matches innovative technology with your passion and talent for creating.

Treatmo merges proprietary word-of-mouth payment technology with a curated market of healthy food, specialty cafes and eateries across the U.S. making it easier to find, shop and treat things to love.

 Send us an email to go live in minutes.