4 Bite Size Treats For Your Holiday Feast

Thanksgiving and Christmas dinners are huge meals, to say the least. No matter what's served, there's usually a lot of people and therefore a lot of food, which means feeling stuffed or even immobilized after the first course. After all, who can resist relaxing with friends or being too full to respond to inquiries from relatives about your relationship status.

And then there’s dessert. The host creates a spread of pies, ice cream and cakes, along with everything the guests bring. You stuff yourself with heaping portions of baked goodness--enough to be a second dinner--until you're ready to fall out of your chair crying ‘Overload!'

If you're looking for ways to indulge guests or be a good guest at this year’s holiday dinners, and if you're in college you may be invited to more than one, skip the oversized desserts. Go for bite-sized treats packed with ingredients to complement any meal and leave all feeling satisfied as well as enlightened.

Treatmo's wide variety of delightful and actually quite healthy treats, many are packed with superfood ingredients, are ideal for any occasion. Perfect for sampling and tasting these treats will make the holiday spread one to remember.

Chocolate, Raw Superfood Bites from Cocorau


Fine & Raw Truffles, Brooklyn 


Haute Chocolate Brooklyn


Melt Bakery (NYC only)

All items are available on Treatmo and can be ordered with a few taps in the app. The storefront provides all details about shipping and delivery options in one glance. Simply redeem by presenting voucher in person, phone/text or email. 

Give thanks and put gratitude on display during the holidays. Make your festive feasts even more wonderful with these bite size treats.