Peer-to-Peer Payments Has a New Flavor

When a friend has done a favor for you or gone out of their way to support you, sometimes the best way to reciprocate is to buy them a great meal. After all, a full stomach goes a long way towards maintaining healthy relationships and sharing or treating of great food is more meaningful than compensating with cold cash. A new app called Treatmo allows you to do just that.

The free app provides an easy-to-navigate directory of local partner restaurants, cafes, juice bars, bakeries and food merchants -- Treatmo hotspots. Tapping one displays the storefront which is a combination of pop-up business details and a scrollable image-based menu. After choosing a menu item, you can select a friend in the app and purchase the item for them to eat at the establishment, carry-out, or even have delivered or shipped, depending on the business profile. If a friend is not in the app, the menu item voucher can be sent by email or text.

Peer-to-peer payments allows people to send money to each other digitally using apps on a smartphone. It surged in popularity amongst students in college comfortable with digital communications and banking and is now more ubiquitous amongst young professionals and post-grads. 

As more people see the value in peer-to-peer payment features, they'll be more open to using apps to transact other types of business such as buying food and treating food. This is where Treatmo is gaining traction.

By combing mobile payments for food with a network of friends, the Treatmo app let’s people shop for each other in addition to purchasing for themselves. It’s a form of social commerce that aims to revolutionize how people discover and interact with retail businesses. 

Treatmo hotspots -- or places currently accepting the payment option -- empower customers with useful business information that focuses on the product, restaurant offering and quickest way to try it. The app's user interface serves to make ordering feel less transactional and more of an experience between the store, customer and friends in that purchases are streamed through Treatmo's proprietary technology inviting participation, gifting and instant repeats from a user's social network.

The convenience of mobile purchasing once fully realized will have people reaching for their phones when they want to buy instead of their wallets. In fact, it's already happening. 

With Treatmo’s brand of peer-to-peer payments in the form of food and soon other items, those who enjoy helping others and have a big network of friends may never need to worry about how to find 'that one place' again.

treatmo cofounder

Treatmo Co-Founder, Spiro Zefferys. Loves hiking, cooking and vegan food. He's a graduate of Johns Hopkins University and Thunderbird School of Global Management and has worked throughout Asia and Europe as a product engineer based out of Silicon Valley.