Fresh Ingredients Make the Difference

Consumers are more keen than ever to know exactly where their food comes from and what's in it. Ingredients that can't be pronounced or food that has been depleted of any nutrient value due to over processing and heating, is under much greater scrutiny.

Because of growing consumer demand for transparency, an increasing number of establishments have taken the extra step to communicate their ingredient supply chain from farm to table more carefully. By illustrating this, the food source becomes clearer improving diner confidence.

The value of understanding where food comes from, goes beyond just being comfortable with the source.

1) Eating fresh food has many health benefits. Unprocessed, garden fresh food delivers more nutrients to your body. Organic vegetables and fruits decay quickly, loosing their vitamin and mineral power, even if they still look edible. Proximity of farms to restaurants ensures higher impact of the nutrients and bigger influence on better health. It's not always possible to get the freshest ingredients, but keep alert of your local farmer's markets and businesses that place a big emphasis on locally grown produce.

2) Fresh ingredients taste better. A vine-ripened tomato is juicier and crisper than one that has sat on a truck for a week and then in a box in a storage facility for even longer. Fresher ingredients require less seasoning too, because the natural flavor carries it's own weight.

3) Fresh food makes you feel better. When you're dining out and trusting an experience at a restaurant, you want to feel not just good but great afterwards. A meal prepared with real and fresh ingredients imparts a glow that you don't get by eating processed food. It actually makes you happier, healthier, leaner.

Many Treatmo partners use ingredients from local farmers or even grow their own seasonal greens--like Treatmo hotspots House of Juice in Brooklyn, New York or Pure Simple Juice in Portland, Oregon where they grow their own microgreens. 

House grown micro-greens at Pure Simple Juice

House grown micro-greens at Pure Simple Juice

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