Healthy College Snacks are Power for Students

When you’re up late cranking through difficult engineering problems or spending a Saturday afternoon reading chapter after chapter of a motivational psychology textbook, there’s little question that food is on your mind.

The best way to keep your concentration up is to snack on healthy, nutrient dense foods, low in sugar that feed your brain and don’t leave you deprived of energy.  Here are five power snacks we like that should be easy to find.

Roasted Chickpeas - Roasted chickpeas have become the go-to snack food. They provide protein and fiber with low amounts of fat. When roasted and flavored, they are crunchy and delicious in the same way chips are, but much healthier. They are easy to carry around and perfect finger food when hunger strikes.

Roasted Seaweed - The range of roasted seaweed options available in grocery stores is expanding which means they are a popular snack item. If you enjoy sushi, roasted seaweed should be right up your alley.  Sea vegetables are some of the most nutrient dense foods on the planet, so you’ll stay very alert with this addictive snack.

Coconut Strips - The coconut tree is called the tree of life in some countries.  Coconut flesh has a healthy combination of fats which support brain health.  It also provides healthy plant-based calories to give you energy to finish assignments and move on.  Flavored coconut strips are a common snack on supermarket shelves so they should be available nearby.

Kale Chips - If there is one vegetable that has gained major popularity of the last couple of years, it has been kale. Kale is a dark leafy green related to cabbage and provides a host of vitamins, minerals, and small amounts of protein.  It regulates the body and keeps your heart healthy.  Kale chips come in a pouch and are usually flavored and will help you get your greens on.

Roasted Pistachios - Nuts and seeds are indispensable for health.  They provide all of the macro-nutrients (protein, fats, carbs) in excellent proportions and are the cleanest and easiest food to slowly eat while doing work.  Roasted pistachios are loaded with protein so you’ll have energy and brain power at the same time.

When you want take you snacking a step further, try raw food and fresh juice. It will give you the full nutrient boost since helpful enzymes aren't destroyed during production. They also contain a wider range of super foods combined more densely into each bite or sip.  

A great way to find the best raw snack foods is to search Treatmo. The Treatmo app lists the top raw, plant-based treats that can be shipped directly to your dorm or off campus apartment. Families can treat students on Treatmo, so if you need the extra boost, favorite the items you like in the app and let everyone know you're ready for some serious munchies. 

Discover 'Raw Cacao Bites' from CocoRau which contain matcha tea, raw cacao, and hazelnuts. Fine & Raw vegan chocolates taste more like food than chocolate and use almond butter, raw cacao, blue agave, and himalayan sea salt among other ingredients. Chocolate Hollow makes vegan chocolate bars using toasted hazelnuts and almonds among other great ingredients.  Sunshine Superfood Cafe ships super energizing power balls made from dates, brazil nuts, goji berries, He Shou Wu, and Reishi mushrooms along with a variety of amazing seeds.

With the right snacks in front of you, whether tasty munchies from a local grocery store or invigorating power treats from Treatmo, you’ll cruise through the toughest workloads and still have energy to hangout and look good with friends throughout the semester.