Wellness Progams at Companies and Colleges Benefit from Treatmo

It's not surprising that the number of individuals feeling stressed out in the workplace or on campus is increasing. Across the U.S., heavy work loads, lack of free time, rising costs and relentless competition are factors contributing to anxiety and detracting from innovation.  

Three quarters of workers feel that on the job stress is higher than a generation ago and 40% of workers report that their job is very or extremely stressful. Millennials in particular, who are paying off student loans, are even more susceptible to high stress levels at the office. On college campuses, almost half of students report academic performance is the main cause of mental distress. Student counseling centers are receiving a record number of visits.

Corporations and universities alike are responding by building wellness programs to illuminate new methods for reducing stress, managing health and providing outlets for discussion and consultation. 

Some businesses are also integrating their programs into the daily life of employees. For example, more than 45% of employers polled in a recent survey by the International Foundation of Employee Benefit Plans, said they used health-contingent incentives tied to their employees group health benefits.

Colleges are taking action as well to help students balance workloads. UCLA has created nap pods around campus and offers health challenges. Arizona State University in Tempe, Arizona, has a farmers market on campus every two weeks. New York University developed a 'Relaxation Oasis' on its wellness website which offers calming MP3 music, yoga techniques, and 'Mindfulness' resources.  The University of Vermont in Burlington offers yoga, breathing, and meditation classes in its Mind-Body Wellness program for students.

There are many ways to reduce stress and encourage positive health. One of those ways is through plant-based foods. Unprocessed, whole food from plants has shown to improve mood and increase a person’s ability to handle stress. It also improves overall health which boosts energy to deal with large workloads. Treatmo partners with small plant-based and vegetarian businesses with organic and sustainable food as a focus.

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Both businesses and schools can benefit from Treatmo to boost their wellness programs. Through Treatmo program managers treat or gift healthy food options like fresh juice at plant-based cafes and juice bars near campus or work through the app.

When creating a treat in Treatmo, notes are customizable. It takes a second to send a message of motivation or encouragement to change someone's day. And if the treat is public or between friends, when it hits the newsfeed it will inspire others as well. The option is there to send treats privately too.  

Further, many people are unaware of how to eat healthy and Treatmo is a great first step to learning what is available nearby and what are good options. It’s a way to initiate a healthier lifestyle.


As more employers and universities add health initiatives and implement employee or student wellness progress, using a tool like Treatmo can be a powerful aid in reducing stress and promoting a balance lifestyle.

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